Gina Naomi Baez Shares New Christmas Song When You Hear Joni

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Gina Naomi Baez is an actress, singer/songwriter, YouTuber, and influencer from New York City. Her love and passion for songwriting and music has always been the true driving force behind her creativity, with the artist using her platform to spread messages of positivity. 

Known for her love of Christmas music, Baez returns with her latest addition, “When You Hear Joni.” Inspired by the idea of how a song you once loved can be ruined because it reminds you of a certain heartbreak, or emotional situation in your life, the melancholy track has been described as a “sad girl Christmas song.” 

Baez shares, “I worked with two amazing female songwriters/producers on this song and concept, Meghan Kabir and I really dove into the idea of Joni Mitchell’s River as the song that sparks a heartbreaking memory. We then worked with HARLOE ie: Jessica Karpov on production and making the song sound like a classic Christmas song, with a melancholic nature like the snow was falling down slowly throughout the entire song.” 

The somber song shimmers with delicate melodies and glowing harmonies, as Baez puts her own spin on a traditional holiday song, explaining, “I love getting into my feelings during the holiday season. I wanted this track to remind people of a classic Christmas song but with a twist.”

Baez has had a flourishing acting career having landed roles in Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It, Orange is the New Black and most recently CBS’s FBI. She has also performed in numerous Off-Broadway and Regional theatrical productions. Baez has also seen great success with her YouTube channel which has built an impressive following. Her infamous “Lizzo’s Truth Hurts x Hocus Pocus” parody music video went viral after LIZZO herself reposted it, as well as Bette Midler. The channel features creative, unique original music videos, covers and parodies of popular songs and has garnered worldwide recognition from the likes of PEOPLE, Entertainment Weekly, Access Hollywood, The Huffington Post, MTV, Perez Hilton, FOX, E! ONLINE, Ryan Seacrest, Yahoo News! Stylist and much more!

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