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The average adult should get at least seventy five minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise a week, or one hundred and fifty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week. While you may rack up a few steps by walking around doing day to day tasks, such as walking to and from public transport stops, browsing goods in the grocery store, and heading up and down your own stairs at home, you’re not going to hit these targets unless you set your mind to them. There are various ways that you can become a little more active in your life – you can join team sports clubs or engage with extreme sport – but for now, let’s focus on perhaps the easiest way to get your exercise fix: the gym. A gym is essentially a fitness centre, filled with specialist equipment, and monitored by specialist staff, that offers you the opportunity to get into shape. You will generally have to take out a membership to make use of a given gym’s facilities, signing up to a rolling monthly contract or an annual contract. So, you want to make sure that you opt for the right one to suit your wants and needs. Here’s everything you need to know to make a good decision!

Choosing a Gym

Now, there are likely to be a variety of gyms in your local area, so you should draw upon various factors when settling on any given one. You don’t want to sign up to one just to realise there is something better just down the road! Most gyms offer a free trial period where you can test them out, so book in various trial days and get a taste for each establishment. This will help you to come to a sound decision. Here are just a few factors that you should take into consideration while conducting your trial runs.


Location is a major factor when it comes to making your gym based ventures worthwhile. Think about it: if you’ve just finished a long day at work, are you more likely to head to a gym that is en route home or a gym where you really have to go out of your way? If your gym is hard to access, chances are that your motivation levels will drop and you’re more likely to avoid going. Browse different gym locations and opt for an establishment that is either close to your home, close to your place of work, or close to anywhere else that you frequent multiple times a week.


Another determining factor when it comes to which gym you should sign up to is cost. Membership costs at different gyms can vary dramatically. It is true that not all gyms are created equal – some have more facilities, some will have been recently refurbished (offering a more pleasant workout environment), and some will have extra luxuries (such as steam rooms and saunas). Of course, preferable gyms are likely to come with higher price tags. Whether to go high end or low end is up to you and your budget.


A final thing to focus on when choosing a gym membership is what facilities you want your club to have. If you want to incorporate swimming or aqua aerobics into your fitness regime, you’re going to have to find somewhere with a pool. If you find that you thrive more in classes rather than working alone, you will need to find an establishment with a studio that offers taught classes. Make sure to check out class timetables too, as the classes at different gyms are likely to vary.


Once you’ve chosen a gym and have signed up, it’s important that you book an induction in. Most gyms will make this mandatory, as an induction shows you how to safely use all of the equipment in the gym. This will minimise your risk of injuring yourself. If you forget what you have learnt in an induction, most gyms will always have a member of staff monitoring the gym floor, so feel free to ask their advice or how to operate particular machinery or equipment.

Personal Training

If you want to go the extra mile, you may want to book in a personal training session. Personal trainers are individuals who will be able to come up with a set plan to get you in shape. If you want to focus on working out a particular body part, or achieving particular results, they will be able to to take this into account and formulate a regimen that will help you to achieve your goals. During sessions, they will also be able to push you to complete every task and test your limits.

Protein Shakes

When you join the gym, you’re likely to see people carrying protein shake bottles around or drinking protein shakes post-workout. These shakes really do work wonders when it comes to providing your body the means to promote extra muscle growth. When you work out, your body experiences protein break down. Consuming a protein shake within thirty minutes of the end of your workout will provide your body with replacement proteins that can be used towards muscle replacement and growth. The most common form of protein used in shakes is whey protein, which is derived from dairy. However, if you are vegan, there are plenty of other plant-based protein shakes out there for you to try out too!


Following the above steps will help you to find the right gym to suit your needs and preferences, as well as helping you to get the absolute most out of your workout every time you visit! So, incorporate them into your routine today!

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