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Getting Back To Your Best After an Illness

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We can’t always be on top of the world, and when that time comes it’s often a struggle to get back to where we want to be. 

Yes, an illness or injury – serious or not – can often make us feel like we’ve gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson in his pomp, both physically and mentally. But don’t worry about that for now, because we’re on hand to get you back to your best – better than before you were struck down, even.


Becoming Active

Whatever it was that had you flat out on your back, it most likely kept you from being active. And we don’t mean kept you from running marathons (though we’re sure it did!), we mean: kept you from being up and about, a man or woman about town. It might have even kept you in bed the whole time! As part of the recovery period, you’ll want to slowly mobilize yourself and become a fully functioning member of society. With your doctor’s advice, begin light exercises and look at doing one new task for yourself each day. Whereas people train for big events, you’re training to get the basics down. You’ll get there eventually!

Confidence Issues

It’s not often the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about people recovering from an illness or injury, but receiving a jolt to our system – and being reminded that we’re invincible – can take it’s toll on our confidence. Similarly, we can often be worried that we don’t look quite as good as we once did, especially if we’re suffering from skin conditions, scars, or a general worn out look. If it’s a skin condition or scar, then things like scar reduction or effective hyperpigmentation treatment can help; if it’s a general worn out look, then just be patient – you’ll be back to your alert, alive looking yourself in time, and especially when you become more active.

Take It Slow

Your life has, more or less, been on pause while you’ve been unwell, and there’s a lot to catch up with. There’ll be friends that you haven’t seen in awhile, a mountain of work waiting for you, and a string of newly released films you haven’t yet seen. Unfortunately, of these three it’s only the last one that you’ll be able to attack with any vigor. Socialising will have to be kept to a minimum, and on your terms – don’t commit to long nights far away from your home; keep things tight, local, with just a few people. When going back to work, ask if you can start with reduced hours – and give yourself time to get back into the swing of things.

Striking the Balance

Returning to your best after an illness or injury is about striking a balance between looking to the future, and keeping one eye on the past. You’re bridging the gap between the two. Just like getting from one side of the river to the other, you can’t just jump into your future life – you have to be aware of where you’re travelling from, and take a sensible route.

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