Gabriella Zauna Delves Into Feelings of Intimacy and Desire in New Single “Traffic”

Dive into the depths of intimacy and desire with Gabriella Zauna's latest single "Traffic"

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Gabriella Zauna has just released her newest single “Traffic,” a dark pop track about the thrill of feeling deep desire for another person.

Zauna fully immerses her listeners and puts them in her shoes with her intimate lyrics and unique instrumentation. Her impressive range and dream-like vocals put the song on another level and pull the listener in, curious to hear what happens next. 

“‘Traffic’” is an exhilarating piece about giving into the impulse to be intimate with someone in an untimely circumstance, like pulling off the freeway to feed the urge and blaming her absence/tardiness on ‘traffic.’ This track takes intimacy a step further and views it as this irresistible desire that is craved even in inappropriate situations. It plays on the taboo of “doing something wrong is thrilling and attractive”. Alongside the devious lyrics, the production is riveting and keeps the listener addicted and wanting more, mirroring the definition of the song.”

 – Gabriella Zauna

Written by Gabriella Evangelista and produced by Gabriella Zauna, “Traffic” is a track like nothing you’ve heard before, exploring taboo topics and breaking boundaries. Zauna expresses the excitement of feeling like you’re doing something wrong, but being so entranced by this other person that you don’t have a care in the world. Originally from Manhattan Beach, California, Gabriella Zauna has been around music since she was a kid listening to her father’s punk rock band. Growing up she used music as an outlet to help with mental health struggles, and to this day strives to create music that is authentic to her. Her craft is influenced by artists including Phoebe Bridgers, Matty Healy, and Lana Del Rey. Don’t forget to stream “Traffic” on all platforms now, and follow Gabrielle Zauna on Instagram and TikTok @zaunainasauna.

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