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Future Radio’s descent into the daring regions of what they call Future Rock continues with their latest release, State of Emergency. This is the second single from their forthcoming studio album, Identity, scheduled to release in 2022.

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With this release, the band makes a distinct shift towards a more modern rock sound, reminiscent of bands like the Foo Fighters and Rival Sons. Some of the standout features of the song are the prominent intro riff played in a half-time feel and the powerful vocal that forms the chorus hook, which cannot be shaken off. The James Bond ‘like’ bridge section creates tension and effectively supports the overarching theme of an emergency.

Future Radio frontman, Johnny Future, believes the lyrics will take people on a highly relatable journey and explains that: “During lockdown, the South African government kept the country in a constant state of emergency which I then thought would make for a catchy song title. I further related the idea to the end of a relationship. That part where both people know it’s the end, but for some reason hang onto whatever is left.”

Drikus Roets, guitarist and visual creator behind the video and animation, enlightens us on what is to come in Act 4, “The last time we saw our protagonist he just finished his demo recording and entered it for a battle of the bands’ competition. Hold onto your seats, because in Act 4 we find out if the demo was good enough to qualify for the competition, and we might even meet a new character.”

Towards the Sun, the first single from the new album, which was released in August, has been positively received by the public. It has been playlisted on over 50 radio stations worldwide, as well as on 11 Spotify playlists, including an Official Spotify playlist; making this Future Radio’s most successful release to date. The creative music video has thus far received the most views from all the band’s previous releases. “We were blown away by the response of the first single! It has surpassed our wildest expectations and makes us excited for the release of State of Emergency“, says Johnny. Future Radio is gradationally gathering momentum with every release, and it is invigorating to see a band not sticking to the status quo but doing something different to what is currently happening in the charts.

State Of Emergency - Future Radio (Identity: Season 2, Episode 4)

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