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Four Times When Animals Fought Back Against Abuse

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Most of us love animals–or at least, to a certain extent where we wouldn’t go out of our way to attack animals. However, there are some people in the world that make it a habit to abuse animals. Be it kicking their dog out of frustration or pushing their cats around, mistreating animals is a horrible thing.

Animals are often defenceless against abusers, but there have been plenty of situations in the past where animals, be they pets or wild animals just minding their own business, have fought back to defend themselves.

Abuser caught on camera bullying a dog

If you see an animal attack, then something would have likely triggered it. Your first instinct would be to contact a service or seek advice at or something similar, but there’s always the possibility that you didn’t see the whole thing. In this case, surveillance footage revealed a man tormenting a dog, blowing compressed air into the dog’s face and scarring it. He also repeatedly hit the dog, but after a while, the dog grows impatient and attacks the man. Though patient, the dog ultimately had enough and got the last laugh, as the man was fined $650 for animal cruelty and also lost his job.

Snoozing cat gets revenge on owner

This poor cat was just minding their own business, sleeping on a comfortable chair when the owner suddenly decides to kick them off, grabbing it by the neck and tossing it on the floor. He then proceeds to sit in the chair and strum his guitar, perhaps to record footage for a YouTube video or social media channel. Shortly after, the cat can be seen running up the stairs, knock over a plant pot in the process and sending it crashing on the guitarist’s head.

Dog and pals return to get revenge on driver that kicked it

A dog sitting in your driving bay can be annoying, but the last thing you want to do is wake it up, kick it out and force it away. This is what one man in China did, but he soon paid the price. The dog returned with a few of its pals and together, they trashed the car. They caused several dents in the driver’s car and made marks everywhere on the body of the vehicle. An onlooker managed to photograph the dogs as proof to the owner of the vehicle.The lesson here? Don’t mess with a sleeping dog!

Elephants raid a village after the death of one of their own

Two herds of wild elephants in Kalikaprasad decided to raid several hamlets after a male member of their pack was killed by poachers. The elephants weren’t able to tell the difference between the innocent villagers and the poachers, so they rampaged through and destroyed around 54 houses, rendering many of the people homeless. Although there was no justice here, it shows just how dangerous it can be to annoy the wrong animals. Compensation was given to the families, but the poachers were never found.

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