Fifi Rong Drops New Single Love Yourself First

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Rising UK star Fifi Rong stakes yet another case for being one of the country’s most vital artists of our time with her latest single “Love Yourself First”. Tapping into the emotional energy of our current climate, the new single toys with themes of self-doubt and inner-confidence with its moving production and faint, tender lyrics that are sung in both Chinese and English, expressing Fifi’s multicultural heritage. The song’s unique blend of affective pop, and experimental lucid R&B brings her into an elite league of paradigm-pushing, Avant-pop female artists. Unparalleled, Fifi’s singular hybridised style is built on the music from both of her cultural backgrounds, intertwined with a fine understanding of contemporary sounds, thus making  “Love Yourself First” poignant, fresh, and belonging to a genre of music that is entirely her own.

Love Yourself First

‘“Love Yourself First” is a song many can relate to, dealing with issues of self-worth and emotional dependency.  Fifi amplify’s themes through the use of Chinese lyrics, adding levels of ambiguity for the listener, a feeling that many succumb to in such circumstances, yet overall the song’s messaging is a re-affirming one. “This song acts as a reminder to the indestructible truth we all know deep down, but often neglect in these uncertain times of the world,” Fifi says about the single. Self-produced, written and recorded by Fifi herself,  “Love Yourself First”  — along with previous singles — “Distance” and “Love Is A Lonely Thing”, will feature on forthcoming LP There’s A Funeral In My Heart For Every Man I Loved, a record that further looks to explore the deeper tropes of the human condition through a collection of unrequited love stories.

The prolific and deft producer- singer-songwriter, already with a string of LPs and famed collaborations to her name, recently joined the roster of W Records– the brand new music initiative from the iconic W Hotels. Along with support by BBC Radio 1, and The Fader,  Fifi Rong was also voted into China’s Top 10 most popular new artists. Having built up a solid reputation for strong live performances, having played alongside the likes of cult synth duo Yello, and trip-hop legend Tricky, Fifi Rong is now coming into her own with a unique and distinct energy, and live shows that support her intense, alluring and unparalleled music. More than just a bi-product of her multicultural background, Fifi has now set off on her own path, both as an artist and as a producer which is why everyone’s watching to see what she does next.

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Fifi Rong Drops New Single Love Yourself First

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