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Not everyone worries about their style at some point in their lives, but it’s probably fair to say that an alarming amount of us worry about it on a frequent basis! If you’re not feeling your style at the moment, or feel that you’re lacking it completely, then why not do something about it?

Rejuvenating your style is a more realistic task than you may imagine. So let’s get right into it and pick up some great tips that will help you brainstorm some new and inspiring style approaches.

Find inspiration

All the great stylists and fashionistas get their inspiration from somewhere. Very few people are able to conjure up their sense of style out of thin air, after all. You may get some inspiration from paintings, movies, bands, or even Pinterest! Whatever new ideas you absorb, make sure you add your own personal spin on it. Otherwise, someone will catch you out eventually! And don’t be afraid to ask some of your more stylish friends about their own styles. You may have seen many people get catty when someone ‘steals their style’, but some don’t mind being an inspiration so much!

Consider your older clothes

A lot of us have wardrobes that feature clothes that, despite us never throwing them out, haven’t been worn in years. We almost don’t even see them when we dip into our collection. Why not make a point of re-considering them? It could be that among the forgotten clothing you own there are some real gems. If not, perhaps they could be repurposed somehow. And if they’re just horrible, then recycle them already!

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Some people think only of clothes and not too much about anything else. They don’t think much about vanity glasses or studs or earrings or chains. But these things can really give your style an edge. Of course, a lot of us are perfectly aware of it – but have kept the same accessories in our outfits for years! Perhaps it’s time to change it up a bit. If you want to keep up to date with jewelry and other accessory trends, click here.

A slick new do

A new haircut can be a pretty risky undertaking, but when it pays off it really pays off! It could be that you don’t really have a particular hair ‘style’ in the sense that most people think of the word. Perhaps you just let your hair grow out, cut it when it’s too long, and then repeat. Perhaps you should consider actually choosing a style? You should consult an expert about this; some styles simply won’t work with certain colors or textures.


If you don’t want to get bored with a new style, then you should also be switching things up! If your usual style of dress could be considered on the wild side, then why not see what you look like in something sharper and more subdued? Going from one extreme to the other might be ill-advised, but making some surprising tweaks to your style is definitely worth a try!

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