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Having recently found a love for songwriting and playing guitar, Natalie hopes to continuously evolve as an artist. “There are countless talented people in the world but what sets apart the best from the rest is artistry. I don’t know that I’m there yet but it’s going to be in the front of my mind as I continue to grow artistically.  There’s a song on my EP for every kind of 2017 country fan. “

Her upcoming EP is a true product of self-expression, crafted in her own beautiful way. The lead single, “Cruel”, is a track that Natalie describes as “upbeat but meaningful” and something she felt instantly connected to.

Cruel –  Single by Natalie Alexander on Apple Music


About Natalie:

Growing up in Santa Cruz, California, Natalie credits being surrounded music from a young age for her love of singing and performing. Growing up with a mother who was classically trained in vocals, and brothers who had a rock band, she learned to play the piano at a very young age.  During her school years, Natalie kept her love for music private, only revealing her talent to her peers when performing with a friend at a talent show during her junior year of High School. Despite her nerves, she ultimately knew it was the moment she fell in love with performing. “Finding inspiration through storytelling, Natalie cites Carrie Underwood as her biggest influence. Emulating Carrie’s strong female voice and powerful storytelling, she hopes to make people feel something with her music.  In addition to her music career, she is passionate about protecting women, children, and animals.



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