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Factors Influencing Your Internet Experience

Factors Influencing Your Internet Experience
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Internet speed is often categorized into two groups: fast and slow. The right internet speed classifications for work and home spaces rely on connectivity demands. An appropriate network speed can help accommodate for other factors influencing your internet experience. Internet connection faults are the result of many network conditions, the aspects of which we explore below.

Network Equipment

The tech industry continuously produces new hardware to improve network connections. Because of the many enhancements, many devices become obsolete within a few years. Dated technology can hinder your connection, as old equipment may have difficulty engaging with new gadgets or updated software.

Hardware Location

Your router’s location can have a severe impact on how well you can connect to your network. Any walls, metal, water, or objects between your device and router can interfere with your connection heavily.

To boost your internet speed, try relocating your network’s hardware. Place the router in a convenient location, away from anything that would interrupt the connection. You can also purchase a wireless repeater that duplicates your Wi-Fi signal, so your connection can reach every room in your home.


Viruses are an unfortunate reality for device owners, as cybercriminals can infiltrate your software with malware, draining resources like connectivity. Malware is a discrete detriment to your digital devices.

You can take preventative measures to secure your computer from viruses and malware by adding second-step verification, running antivirus apps, and avoiding links from shady sites.

Number of Users on the Network

Too many users on your home’s network can cause connectivity problems. Internet downtime is often the result of too many people attempting to access a network connection at once. To limit which devices hook up to your Wi-Fi, enable a password. Passwords restrict unknown users from redirecting your home’s connection and maximize internet speeds for those with access.

Becoming familiar with the factors influencing your internet experience is the first step to enhancing it. With a sound knowledge of which conditions disrupt your devices’ connection, you can take the measures necessary to boost connectivity.

Factors Influencing Your Internet Experience

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