Everything You Need To Know About Women’s Loungewear

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Loungewear is something that everyone needs to own. You can’t beat putting on your favourite pair of joggers and an oversized hoodie when you get home from work. 

The loungewear attire is the best outfit for the day when spending your weekends at home or working from home. Another great point to make with loungewear is there are many options. 

Difference Between Women’s Loungewear and Athleisure

Every time it is loungewear season, there are different terms for loungewear which always appear. That would be loungewear and athleisure. The question is, what is the difference between the two?

Athleisure loungewear is for the more athletic people. It is a style that is much sportier than the thick cotton fabrics you would associate with Fear of God and other premium tracksuit brands. This particular outfit is much better for exercising and can be worn every day. 

Loungewear is a more relaxed fit with more conventional fabrics that are designed for you to be comfortable. Traditionally, the style with these tracksuits would be designed like an oversized fit and much more relaxed than an athleisure tracksuit. 

When it comes to wearing a loungewear outfit, you need to ensure your outfit keeps you comfortable. Comfort is essential for loungewear but so is style. 

Are Loungewear And Pyjamas The Same? 

The short answer to this is no. They are not the same. Pyjamas, you can sleep in them and loungewear you can’t. Another difference is loungewear can be worn outside and pyjamas can’t be.

If you want clothes that you want to lounge around in all day and need an emergency outfit, loungewear is your answer. Loungewear will usually come in sets and you don’t need to buy them individually. Nonetheless, many brands offer loungewear in separate pieces, so you can buy a hoodie or joggers on their own. 

Pyjamas are a different fabric from loungewear tracksuits. These materials will be more luxurious and usually consist of silk or cotton. It is a very chic look that every girl needs for those hotel nights away with their partner. 

How Do You Style Loungewear? 

When it comes to wearing loungewear, there are some things you need to stick to. With loungewear, you do not need to overthink the outfit. Here are a few essential tips on how you can style your Sunday outfit. 

Item Number One – Lazy Leggings

One of the first items you should pull out of your wardrobe is leggings. It is something that every girl needs daily so you should already own a few pairs. Furthermore, there are many different colours for leggings however, don’t wear bright colours as they can look a little tacky. Choose autumnal or monochrome-coloured leggings to make them easier to style.

Item Number Two – Joggers

Joggers are a way to take your loungewear outfit to another level. They are perfect and again, there are several colours you can wear. Something that is very much on-trend at the moment is chocolate brown joggers. These are something that you should invest in as they are easy to style and everybody loves them at the moment.

Another positive about joggers is that you do not need to wear them with a matching hoodie. For example, if you wear white joggers, you can wear whatever colour you want for your hoodie. In the slightly warmer months, you can wear an oversized t-shirt instead if a hoodie is too warm.

Item Number Three – Jumpsuits 

Up next is a stunning jumpsuit and this can be a great outfit for the summer months. Moreover, there are many fantastic jumpsuits out there to wear which are made of soft materials that are perfect for your lazy Sundays. The best thing about this outfit is that you don’t need to worry about wearing it with other items as it is an all-in-one. Just find your favourite pair of fluffy socks or slippers and your outfit is complete for the evening.

Item Number Four – Gym Wear 

Gym wear is another great clothing style you can wear on those lazy weekends. Additionally, you can wear these clothes when going to the shops. Think of seamless gym leggings and high-waisted shorts. It is the perfect attire for those lazy afternoons when you put your feet up for the rest of the day. 

To complete the rest of your gym wear outfit, either wear a sports bra or an oversized hoodie. Loungewear doesn’t get any better than this outfit. 

To Conclude

There are many outfits that you can wear for those lazy days. One of our favourite things about modern loungewear is you can wear it outside and sit around in them all day as well. Furthermore, loungewear has become a massive part of streetwear which is why many people wear brands such as Fear Of God, PANGAIA, and Ralph Lauren.

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