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Everything you need to know about Pay per click advertising

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If you are an online business owner you can get a free website, you must have heard about the growing presence of digital marketing in the country. Every size and type of business is moving towards digital marketing in order to build a strong visual presence and to attract consumers. There are a number of marketing strategies that are used in digital marketing. If you have heard about pay per click marketing and are willing to learn more about it, here is all you need to know.

What is Pay per click and how to use it?

Pay per click is used in internet marketing where the business will pay a particular amount of fee every time one of their ads is clicked on. It is basically a method where you can purchase visits to your website instead of generating the visits organically. There is a difference between attracting consumers to your website organically and through paid campaigns. When you use pay per click, your traffic is not organic but it is paid for. It is a form of search engine advertising where the advertisers need to place a bid for the placement of the ad in the sponsored link of the search engine. When somebody searches using the specific keyword which is related to your business, they will see the ad at the top of the results in the sponsored link. If you have used the right keywords, your ad will show up on the top of the search engine results.

Every time there is a click on the ad, the visitor will be driven to your website and that is when you will be required to pay a fee to the search engine. The search engine charges a fee for showing your ad at the top of the search results and for every click you get, you pay a fee. If you have used the right keywords, the fee will be trivial since the visit of the consumer to your website will be so much more than the small amount of fee you pay. The click could result in a huge sale for your company and the visitor could become a loyal customer. However, you need to keep in mind that a lot goes into building a pay per click campaign that will help you achieve results. You need to research and use the right keywords in order to ensure that the ad is placed at the top of the search engine results. You will then need to organize the campaign and set up the landing pages which are optimized for conversion. If you attract a lot of consumers through your campaign, Google will charge less per click and you will be able to generate higher profits.

Learn how to use PPC

In order to create a successful PPC campaign, you need to use Google AdWords. It allows businesses to build ads that will appear as search engine results. With a well laid out Pay per click model, the users can bid on keywords and pay for every click on the advertisement. When the users search on Google with the keywords specific to your business, Google will look into a pool of advertisers and pick the business that appears in the ad space on the results page of the search engine. Most consumers use Google to search for products and services which is why it is important to remain on the top of the search engine results. When you place your ad on the Google search engine, the consumers will see your business at the top of the results and there will be higher number of clicks for your website. Pay per click can help you draw consumers to your website but it cannot guarantee that there will be sales. Once the consumer clicks on your website, the work of Pay per click is complete. Then it is totally on your website and your product catalog to convince the consumer to invest into your products.Google will decide on which ads to place based on the keywords and the ad campaigns built by the businesses.

Google decides on which ad will be placed at the top of the search engine results based on the Ad rank of the advertiser. It is calculated by the amount you are willing to spend for the ad and the quality score. This includes the relevance and your click through rate. It is an opportunity for advertisers to reach the customers at a cost that is fit for their budget. Google gets maximum traffic as a search engine and most consumers make a decision to click on a website based on the results shown on the search engine. How often your ad will appear on Google will be determined based on the keywords you choose. There are various factors that matter when creating a campaign. You need to focus on:

Relevance of keywords: In order to create a campaign that attracts consumers, you need to use the right keywords through research and analysis.

Quality of your website: You need to build a landing page that is high in quality, has relevant content and can meet the specific search queries. offers detailed information about how to build an effective digital marketing campaign that will help achieve long-term goals of a business. If you are not able to spend adequate time and build a campaign, you may choose to hire a professional agency that will do the same for you.

Quality score: The quality score of the campaign is the rating by Google which will be based on the relevance of the keywords you use and the landing pages. Those with a higher quality score enjoy more ad clicks.

You need to keep these three things in mind when building a PPC campaign. If you have used the right keywords, you will have a higher quality score that will improve the performance of the ad. A well build campaign helps achieve higher results to the advertisers for a low cost.

How to research for keywords?

The first step to building an effective PPC campaign is to begin with keyword research. It can be tedious but it is extremely important. Your campaign will be built around the keywords and the quality of your campaign will also depend on the keywords you use. You need to keep in mind that researching for keywords is a continuous process. You cannot carry out a research once when you build a campaign and then use the same keywords again and again. You need to be able to find low cost and relevant keywords that will help you drive traffic to your website. Your keywords should be:

Relevant: You would not like to pay for traffic that is not relevant to your business. When consumers search for a business through keywords, you need to use those keywords which will lead to a higher conversion rate. Always ensure that you bid on keywords that are related to your business and the products you offer.

Exhaustive: Do not simply choose the keywords that are popular, but pick also the ones that are less common as they can help you drive traffic. They will be less costly since they are less competitive and will add up to the account.

Expansive: You cannot research only once and create a campaign, instead, you need to constantly refine and create a list of keywords that is growing and enhancing your business.

Manage the campaign

After you have carried out a thorough research of the keywords and built a campaign using the same, you will be required to work on them regularly in order to ensure that they are highly effective. You will only be able to achieve success if you update the account regularly. Analyze the performance of the campaign and make changes in order to increase the number of clicks on your ad. It is an evolving art where nobody can achieve perfect optimization but it is possible to reach closer to the goal. The objective is to achieve optimization through the right keywords and high quality. Here is how you can manage the campaign:

Add keywords: You can enhance the reach of your campaigns by constantly adding those keywords which are relevant to your business. Every relevant keyword will help you get more clicks on the ad and will grow your business.

Improve the quality of your website: Even if you are using the right keywords with your campaign, but the quality of the landing page is not appropriate, you will not be able to convert the click into a profit. You need to change the quality of content on the landing page and align the same with the search queries in order to increase the conversion rates. Add a call to action on the landing page so that all the traffic is not driven to a single page.

Take small but effective steps to improve the performance of your ad campaign and grow the revenue for your business.

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