Essentials You Need at Your Next Outdoor Event

Felicia Priedel
Felicia Priedel 4 Min Read

Summer is the best time to host music festivals, carnivals, barbecues, and other spectacular and joyous affairs. However, every get-together needs certain items to turn out as fun as possible. Include these essentials at your next outdoor event if you want your guests to genuinely enjoy themselves.

Outdoor Shelter

Outdoor shelter might sound like a bit of an oxymoron, but it’s not. You can supply your guests with some quick shelter to avoid any possible bad weather. Consider renting a tent for the event to protect everyone from potential rain and high winds.

The tent also works well to fight those UV rays. Summertime means plenty of sun, and while sunshine is beautiful, those rays can be unforgiving. A tent offers great protection and provides shade for everyone on a hot and humid day.

Food Warmers

Regardless of how warm it is outside, food can still get cold. Keep some food warmers handy so that the food stays toasty and delicious. You can pick these inexpensive tools up at almost any grocery store.

That said, don’t start the warmers as soon as you finish cooking the food. Instead, place the warmers under the trays and light them once you start to feel the food’s temperature drop, as overheating the food can spoil the dish.

Plenty of Ice

If you want to keep the food warm, then you want to keep the drinks cool too. A rule of thumb to remember when hosting an outdoor event: you can never have enough ice. Keep coolers on deck and ice nearby.

You can determine how many bags you should purchase based on the size of the party. For a group of 25 and above, about four or five bags should hold you over just fine. If the crowd is any larger, you’ll need extra ice on hand.

Sanitizing Stations

If you have portable restrooms at your outdoor event, you need hand sanitizer stations. Even if you don’t have portable restrooms, it’s good practice to include these stations on your list of essentials. There are several facts about hand sanitizer stations that demonstrate why this purchase is a summer party essential. For example, did you know that hand sanitizer can help relieve the itch of mosquito bites?

You want your guests to feel comfortable contacting and being close to others. With these stations, they can clean their hands as often as they want. Use a slight pump before and after eating. Kids will also need these stations because they are prone to getting sticky and dirty when playing outside.

Don’t host your next outdoor event without having these essentials. You want everyone to have a fun time and talk about the affair at future gatherings! These items will ensure everyone enjoys the party.

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