Essential Tools You Need To Work With Asphalt

Felicia Priedel
Felicia Priedel 3 Min Read

As a contractor, you work with a variety of tools and equipment daily. However, are you familiar with the tools needed to work with asphalt? Paving asphalt for roads, parking lots, driveways, and other applications requires unique pieces of equipment. You can find replacement parts like water filter holder from reputed sellers online. Learn more about the essential tools you’ll need to work with asphalt in the future.

Asphalt Pavers

After dump trucks transport hot asphalt to the job site, asphalt pavers move the material through a machine to line roadways, parking lots, and other surfaces where asphalt is necessary. Your team will load hot asphalt mix into the front of the machine, where it will carry the material through a set of feeders, and compact and pave the asphalt.


After the paving machine lines the asphalt, a machine called a roller or compactor flattens the material to form a smooth surface. Compactors and rollers compress the material with their weight. Their design usually includes two or more large cylindrical rollers that provide compaction. The heavy weight of the machine paired with a slow operating speed allows compactors creates a dense asphalt surface.

Grinder and Blades

When asphalt projects need edits or alterations, a specialty type of grinder or blade is required due to the hardness of the material. Whether you’re repairing a residential or commercial driveway or altering a highway road, the best material for cutting through asphalt is the diamond blade. Diamond saw blades feature segments of bonded diamond particles to help cut through tough materials such as asphalt. These blades don’t actually “cut” through asphalt—they grind the material down to create a clean edge. There are many aspects to cutting asphalt with a diamond blade and unique applications for these tools.


The paving and grinding processes can produce copious amounts of dust and debris. Once an asphalt road or other surface is completed and has time to dry, companies may run a sweeper through the area. Sweepers are also used during the initial milling process during road construction. Sweepers are crucial to maintaining a clean and uniform surface.

Now that you know the process and tools involved when working with asphalt, you can prepare for your next contracting job more accurately. If you’re ever tasked with working with asphalt, you’ll know exactly what equipment you’ll need to secure.

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