Eric Sleeper’s Emotionally Charged Single K is for Karma

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New Jersey’s rising singer-songwriter Eric Sleeper recently dropped his latest single, “K is for Karma,” a reflective yet impassioned take on the concept of karma.

Whether through its thought-provoking story or its emotionally charged melodies, “K is for Karma” is consistently compelling, offering listeners a truly immersive experience. In his new single, Sleeper navigates the emotional aftermath of being mistreated. He takes an introspective look at the healing journey from the emotional impact of being wronged. Harboring a unique blend of indie, acoustic rock, and folk, Eric takes pride in pushing the boundaries of multiple genres to create a distinctive sound that sets him apart. The track’s dynamic message encourages listeners to overcome ill-treatment and take charge of their own stories, igniting a fire within them to rise above any hurtful experiences they may face.

“The song is about understanding when you are getting taken advantage of or used and the toll it can take on you.  Sometimes you need to take a step back, acknowledge it, and walk away from that person.  It also plays on the idea of karma, questioning if it exists for those who spend their energy putting you and others down.  This is represented in the line, ‘So what’s it cost you to get under my skin, because I lost it all.’” 

– Eric Sleeper

“K is for Karma” allows listeners to feel safe in recognizing the desire for karma in instances in which they’ve been hurt. Moreover, expressing that this desire ultimately makes us human. Sleeper, through his own experience, effectively encourages his listeners to take control of their narrative and find strength in vulnerable moments, leaving a lasting impression of empowerment and understanding. Make sure to check out the single below and follow him on Instagram @EricSleeperMusic
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