Eric Sleeper Gives Karma a New Face in New Live Video Release

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With a colorful group of singles now accumulated since his emergent origins in early 2022, freak-folk pioneer Eric Sleeper’s music can be best described by his own audacious disposition.

His distinctively fresh sound balances the nuanced minimalism of indie folk portrayed by peers such as Elliot Smith and Bon Iver with electronic embellishments and an experimental proclivity. Interestingly, this unique aptitude is perhaps best manifested through the release of a live music video for his latest single, “K is for Karma,” a colorfully subtle track re-plated to embody the residual anger Sleeper expresses throughout.

In an incredibly straightforward series of shots directed and produced by Jake Feldman, Sleeper takes the stage for an expectedly bare performance–a common occurrence in the acoustic-dominated folk landscape. Unexpectedly, however, Sleeper fades into focus at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ donning an electronic Stratocaster and determined expression. Like an inverted MTV unplugged, Sleeper abandons his soft and eclectic noise for a pair of Marshall amps and an aggressively overdriven tone. 

Sleeper’s newfound guitar tone captures the turmoil presented in the song, a track dominated by the vengeful sentiments resulting from feeling taken advantage of or exploited. With only his own playing to account for, Sleeper wields dynamic intensity to establish distinguishable passages that embolden the message he lyrically shares, touting, “So what’s it cost you to get under my skin, because I lost it all.” This sonic transition reevaluates these feelings through the lens of rock-like defiance and paints a creative interpretation of how his artistry should be interpreted.

Sleeper’s multi-dimensional approach to artistry is an undeniable testament to his future success in the field. The full exploration of artistic elements is demonstrated by this sort of endeavor. Watch the video below and follow him on Instagram @EricSleeperMusic. 

Eric Sleeper- K is for Karma Live
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