Eco-Friendly Fashion Advice That Will Turn People Green With Envy

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Being a fashionista is important, but so is wearing clothes with pride. As someone who cares about the planet, it’s hard to do that when you know your passion is harming the environment. Trendsetters may not be aware, but the fashion industry is a significant polluter. The textile industry can create up to 300 tons of soot a year just for half of the demand.

Merging the wellbeing of the planet and your passion for fashion is a must if you don’t want a guilty conscience. Here’s how to go green and stay stylish.

Reclaim Clothes

The retailers you choose play a major part in your carbon footprint. Choose one which doesn’t take the environment seriously and it will release tons of CO2 into the air. Thankfully, there is no need for further demand as there are lots of clothes discarded each year, and they are perfectly good ones too. Shopping at vintage or reclaimed clothes store isn’t only something hipsters do; it’s a way to reduce your guilt. Plenty of them exist in malls, yet online is the place to go. Check out the sweaters, t-shirts and footwear the likes of 1stdibs and Portero offer. They’re as fashionable as they are green.

Upcycle Old Outfits

In theory, you don’t need to go shopping as much as you do currently. Why? It’s because the pieces in your closet are more than enough to sustain your needs for months. Sure, they may seem old and tatty, but all they need is a little touch-up and they will transform into a brand new outfit. For example, take a pair of jeans you don’t wear any longer and cut them down at the knees. Now, they’re hot pants which are perfect for the summer, when it comes back around. Get creative and you won’t have to throw half as much away.

Buy Lasting Products

Some people say you have to shop with luxury brands because they provide high quality. It’s right in some cases but not in every one so it’s important to look for the signs. Think about jewelry – how often do you have to buy new rings or bracelets? If the answer is all the time, it’s because they aren’t made with erosion in mind. On the other hand, earrings for women by Adina’s Jewels are coated with a tarnish to avoid rusting. As well as cutting out waste, this is perfect for moms who want to pass on heirlooms to their kids.

Go Faux

Real fur involves culling animals and using their hide as a fashion accessory. It’s cruel and immoral and shouldn’t happen in the 21st-century. Plus, it adds to water contamination and air pollution also. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the look without hurting defenseless creatures. Today, faux fur looks as real yet it is made as organically as possible to help the planet and its inhabitants.


As you can see, the key is not to fall into the consumerist trap. To be a fashionable eco-warrior, it’s essential to think before you spend.

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