Dom Malin celebrates the endurance of true friendship with upbeat, rock-infused single ‘Keep Out The Rain’

Hey there music lovers! Today, we are diving into the latest release from the incredibly talented Dom Malin. If you haven't heard of him yet, get ready to be blown away by his unique sound and heartfelt lyrics. With its upbeat tempo and infectious melody, Keep Out The Rain is sure to lift your spirits and have you singing along in no time.

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Following his warm-and-weathered indie folk anthem ‘Hurricane’, singer, songwriter, and musician Dom Malin ventures into broader sonic territory with his latest single ‘Keep Out The Rain’.

Influenced by the power and mutability of nature, the Midlands-based artist extends his series of singles that tap into this theme’s ability to convey a vast array of emotions. However, this latest track takes a departure from his usual americana-tinged acoustic folk, instead presenting a more indie-rock take on his emotive songwriting prowess. Undeniably upbeat, ‘Keep Out The Rain’ is built upon Malin’s trusty guitar with the added oomph of drums and bass. Embedded within the catchy riffs are relatable symbols of downpour and shelter, representing the efforts we must take to protect our relationships from the natural ebbs and flows of life.

Dom Malin explores the meaning behind his new single further: “Keep Out The Rain” embodies the spirit of artists like Sam Fender, Bruce Springsteen, and James Bay, marking a pivotal moment in my musical evolution as I delve deeper into playing electric guitar. The inspiration for this song struck me while I was on tour in Germany, specifically in Bad Berleburg. This track is more than just a composition; it reflects my experiences navigating the highs and lows of love and relationships. At its core, the song explores the internal monologue of frustrations stemming from miscommunication and misunderstandings. The chorus captures the intense emotions of longing for resolution and the urge to create a better dynamic in the relationship through active effort, encapsulated in the theme of ‘push and pull.’”

The single is also accompanied by a video of Dom Malin and his musician companions, playing ‘Keep Out The Rain’ in a cosy, minimalist studio. His demeanor is relaxed, unselfconscious, and open, providing a taste of what he’s like in a live setting. It’s that kind of stripped-back and straightforward approach that fans have come to love and know from this down-to-earth musician.

As he explains, “I initially recorded the whole track at home, but I went to Greenmount Studios in Leeds to capture the live feel. This gave the track the energy and punch I wanted, along with the live room sound you would expect at a venue. This was a key decision in giving the song the anthemic qualities I aimed for.”

The authentic feelings conveyed through Malin’s songs, whether that be passion, excitement, sadness, anger, or a sense of feeling misunderstood, is something that extends beyond relaying his own personal experiences. For the songwriter, the universal presence of nature is a multi-faceted conduit for exploring the gambit of emotions that come and go in all our lives.

“I aim to empower people and describe emotions we all share, connecting them to their roots in nature. Nature can be serene but also formidable, and that duality reflects my music.”

At their core, tracks like ‘Keep Out The Rain’, are motivated by an altruistic intention of creating safe spaces for others to process their own emotions. In doing so, Malin is creating a global community of listeners who have found solace and comfort in his music.

“My music, like most, is about relatable experiences. I discuss themes of difficult loss (breakup, death), new beginnings, loneliness, falling in love, and falling out of love. The sensitivity and emotional aspects of my writing have hooked worldwide attention. I get messages from people in Chile, North America, Australia, and Europe—each one beautiful and means the world to me that they have found a connection to one of my tracks through their own experiences.”

In upcoming gig news, Dom Malin is opening for Jon Muq at Omeara on 26th July 2024.

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