Does Permanent Hair Removal Exist?

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Are you searching for the finest hair removal cream for your undesirable hair? Do these creams do the trick or they fail?

If you want to hear the answers, you’ve come to the correct place. Hair removal is becoming an essential component of our community, and nearly everyone is searching for the easiest and safest manner to remove unwanted hair.

There are a variety of ways to get rid of hair, and one of the most undervalued is the use of hair removal devices like bosidin hair removal.

Depilatory creams often have a poor reputation due to the possibility for chemical burns or skin injury due to unsafe or unproven use of the item. There are, however, broad varieties of secure depilatory creams onto the market.

However, identifying these products can be challenging. With a wide variety of brands, prices, dimensions, and ingredients, it’s simple to get overwhelmed. Below, we’ve performed a lot of work on a variety of depilatory creams to assist you to discover the best item for you.

What Else is Depilatory Creams/Hair Removal?

Hair removal creams, also recognized as depilatory creams, have become beauty products intended to remove hair. As per the ‘Food and Drug Administration’ (FDA), such cleanser is alkaline-based and transforms hair into some kind of the substance which is not unlike jelly.

The hair transforms into a jelly-like material as the depilatory cream damages the hair’s protein. It should be observed that the follicle itself has not been demolished.

Advantages of Hair Removal Cream

  • Time-Saving

Many depilatory creams operate within 10 to 15 minutes. The lower the area, of course, the less time it takes, but larger regions should not go far beyond the twenty-minute mark.

  • Stubble

When you shave, the hair is cut off; leaving the ends pointed or squared off. Either manner, the stubble is tricky which can be itchy and annoying. Depilatory creams diffuse proteins in the hair, leaving the edges tapered, which is considerably less awkward.

  • No Blades

As depilatory creams are simply scraped or washed off, any razors are engaged. This implies that razor rash is a distant memory, including painful nicks and cuts.

  • Easy

Using these goods is very easy. You apply a cream or gel with a tube or a hand, put it on for a defined quantity of time, and afterward wipes it off. There are no learning curve or complex guidelines.

  • Pain-Free

Only if you have overly delicate skin and are allergic to the cream’s ingredients, depilatory creams are painless. Always check the cream on a tiny patch of skin to test for any responses before use.

How should I Use Hair Removal Creams?

Although you could always read the directions for your particular depilatory cream, most items are used in a very comparable way. Always make sure to check your depilatory cream on a tiny patch of skin before using it to make sure you are not allergic to any components.

As per Carly Cardellino from Cosmopolitan Magazine, oxygenated hair is simpler to wipe than dry hair. Dry hair is tougher and far less malleable as compared to hydrated hair. As a result, it may be most efficient to be using your depilatory cream instantly after a shower or bath.

Laser Hair Removal

As per the Mayo Clinic, laser removal is a medical procedure, unlike shaving, epilating, waxing or depilatory creams. Laser treatment pierces the skin and kills or damages hair follicles.

As laser hair removal was made popular, it was only useful for individuals with dark hair and light skin. However, as per the National Laser Institute, advanced technology has created other types of lasers which make this technique of removal available to all.

Laser hair removal is among the most costly hair removal methods available. That’s because it needs to be carried out by a qualified medical professional and the machinery needs to be of a particular quality.

Laser treatment is also a semi-permanent type of hair removal. Throughout 5 to 7 rounds, hair follicles have been demolished. From there on, you will most probably need touch-up sessions twice per year, as per Dr. Michael law.


Electrolysis is among the lesser-known processes for hair removal. However, it is presently only a permanent hair removal technique available.

Electrolysis is the method of injecting a needle into the follicle and permanently destroying it by using electricity. As per Cosmet Beauty, electrolysis doesn’t have to treat the same region multiple times, unlike laser removal.

Electrolysis is usually accepted as a painful, costly and time-consuming technique of hair removal. However, this is the only way to remove hair entirely permanently. If you’re keen about permanent hair removal, the only option available is electrolysis.

As per this research by Greater Manchester Shared Services, laser hair removal has been proven to accomplish better short-term outcomes but not permanent electrolysis requires a longer time, but is continuous, to attain the required outcomes.

  • Bosidin Hair Removal Kit

If you have a mild blond, brown or black hair complexion, hair removal by Bosidin Ipl will work for you. The two-in-one device helps with depilation and also helps to revitalize the skin. You can use this to prevent wrinkles, acne, and blemishes. For best outcomes in loss of hair, you must use BoSidin for at least five times. When you consider the cost compared to going to the spa, it’s great.

BoSidin targets melanin throughout the hair follicle and breaks down the time of re-growth. It helps avoid the hair from resurfacing with constant use. The manufacturer advises that you don’t use it on natural black or tanned skin and prevent using it over bruises and tattoos. The duration of therapy is up to 6 months and recommended to use the machine once or twice a week.


  • Serves a two-in-one role for hair removal and skin rejuvenation.
  • The hair extraction lamp utilizes a quart lamp with up to 300,000 flashes of light.
  • The skin-rejuvenating light discharges oxygen ions to remove acne, wrinkles, and blemishes and tightens the skin.
  • It is designed with a five-level power intensity to be used anywhere in the body.
  • Suitable for use by men and women and includes a one-year warranty.
  • You will receive the primary body, hair removal, skin rejuvenation head, security lenses, and an AC adapter.


As stated above are a few of the ways through which you can remove your hairs and are very easy and good methods. One can choose according to their requirement.

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