Dawson Fuss Delivers Charismatic New Indie-Pop Single

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Indie-pop artist Dawson Fuss’s new single “Right Person, Wrong Time,” reflects a multitude of moods. As an up and coming 17 year old pop artist, Dawson Fuss has already had his fair share of heartbreak which he translates into his songwriting.

Fuss’s newest single, “Right Person, Wrong Time,” pulls in listeners, sending them into a spiral of soul, making them re-live a time when they, too, were forced to break free from a person. This particular single takes a heavy look inside his experience with a relationship that was timed for the worst outcome. He describes the song, saying, “I think the song’s moody production paired with the heavy lyrics create a 3D vision of this post-breakup Emotion.” Post-break up emotions speak volumes, and can be heard from the “dangerous woman”-esque guitar intro to the fade out that leaves the feeling of anticipation and wanting even more, mirroring the feelings one is left with after a split with a lover.

As a teen emerging into the world not only as a songwriter, but as a person struggling with navigating love and loss, Fuss’s lyricism and cadence encapsulates the feelings one has when going through a similar situation. The backtrack is just as despairing, soulful and sensual as Fuss’s lyrics, further mimicking the experience he endured. His take on the situation proves his old-soul approach to relationships and knowing what is best, even if it feels like the worst.

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