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Data is knowledge. Without knowledge, there can be no effective decision. However, if you love working with data, it can seem like the only jobs available for data analysts are in marketing. But what if marketing isn’t your forte? Can you turn data analysis into a career without working in advertising or communication?

The answer is yes. Of course, the most obvious choice would be to join scientific research, as comparing, researching, and interpreting data is precisely what the job’s about. But if you’re not into lab research either, there are some other exciting positions for data analysts. Here are four career ideas for those who want to give data a meaningful role.

Help health care organizations provide better care

How do hospitals know which experts and what equipment they need? The answer is through data analysis. Indeed, health care actuaries trained at the Regis College, are responsible for spotting trends in the health industry and identifying the resources they need. They allocate resources to tackle health crises, respond to local demands, and support the growth of the hospital or health care center. Their role is to make informed decisions about managing the organizations to avoid potential risks and seek benefits, both financial and human. As such, the skills required combine math, statistics, and analytical know-how, whether they work for medical providers, insurance providers, or even government agencies.

Tackle every woman’s diet nightmare

With hundreds of fitness influencers online, it can be tricky to figure out the best diet to achieve your body goals. Many women struggle with nutritional advice found online or inspired by their favorite magazine or blog. Building a diet that lets you achieve your goals requires knowledge and understanding of your body. Therefore, finding the right nutrients for you can be a trial and error method. However, a specialist dietitian can provide the necessary body and food analysis. A dietitian can develop a unique plan for purpose by keeping track of what you eat and understanding how it affects your performance.

Help solve or prevent crimes

Detective work is the epitome of data analysis. A detective analyzes, researches, and interprets, as taught by masters such as Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot. If you want to put your analytical skills at the service of policing, you can help solve crimes through thorough analysis of the data available. Additionally, data analysis can also be relevant to crime prevention, by pinpointing areas of interest before anything can happen.

Making books better

What do data and books have in common? Before they are published, manuscripts are reviewed and edited by professionals. These professional editors provide proofreading, spell checks, and peer review. But statistic experts can also offer essential services before publishing. Indeed, running a data analysis of a manuscript can highlight important issues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Data analysis brings additional quality to the written work, reducing incoherences and factual mistakes. Typically used in journalistic circles, data analysis can benefit historic novels, epic saga, and non-fictional books.

It’s time to take data analysis out of the marketing world and apply it to your everyday life. Indeed, many career opportunities embrace data and are not related to marketing. For data enthusiasts who want to improve literature or help people achieve their dream body, there’s a data analysis job for you out there.

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