Dark Side of Light Releases Eccentric “Pull My Strings” Video

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Indie/alternative duo Dark Side Of Light have released their eccentric and controversial music video for their psyche-pop opus, “Pull My Strings.”

A visual with the intention of telling a story about human connectivity has sparked a bit of an upset amongst social media platforms because of one of the main character’s prosthetics. While the video may be shocking to some, it’s quite the standard for Dark Side of Light, who always aim to challenge the status quo in all of their work. Nik Frost and Grant Conway burrowed into a deep, sonic exploration to make a sound of their own, creating this piece that takes you into their hallucinatory world. 

The video for “Pull My Strings” is beautiful and compelling, and perfectly fits Nik Frost and Grant Conway’s unique, tipped-out, electro-acoustic sound. It speaks to the heartbreak, fear of change, and the isolation many of us faced during the past year’s pandemic. While the video strikes a chord because of the makeup that resembles one of Georgia O’Keefe’s controversial works of art, the performances can’t be ignored. James Hazley, who’s recently shot to fame as Eric Andre’s sidekick “Blannibal” on Adult Swim’s hit show, The Eric Andre Show, plays “The Soldier.” Veteran actor, Ron Cobert is  “The Angry Man,” young up-and-comer, Alaina Wilson is “The Girl,” and Nik Frost is the “The Alien.”  This group of artists comes together to craft a poignant story about societal norms and human connectivity experienced through the eyes of an extraterrestrial, who happens to have a face that resembles a conch shell. 

Shot by project mainstay David Dinwiddie and directed by Jason Tate, the video is a hit you might not want to miss, so gather your trippy friends and get ready to enjoy this wild yet outstanding experience

Dark Side Of Light - Pull My Strings (Official Music Video)


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