Cubbi Gets Personal On Sophomore Single “GTFO”

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Following his debut single “Rippling,” Cubbi is returning with the release of another irresistible single, “GTFO,” available on all streaming platforms now.

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Cubbi is emerging as a master of combining dynamic melodies with fresh indie-electronic beats. However, once you dig further into Cubbi’s music, you soon discover a raw and intimate look into life that many may find refuge in. Through his lyricism he dives into personal and conflicting topics such as queerness, sexuality, addiction, and mental illness. His tunes offer many more layers than just catchy beats.

On the songwriting process of “GTFO,” Cubbi explains that the song was written during “a rather dark time.” He continues, “I didn’t know how to handle it, so I was self-medicating, doing a lot of drugs and drinking a lot. The first half of the song was written in that state of mind so it came from a very honest and raw place. I remember playing it back to myself and having a bit of a sob, I’m not exactly sure why. It’s funny because it wasn’t until I went to rehab months later that I was able to finish writing the song.”

Cubbi’s debut single “Rippling” released in late February and debuted on Spotify South Africa’s New Music Friday. Praise for Cubbi has already been trickling in from the likes of Billboard Pride, We Found New Music, and Raver Rafting, just to mention a few. Cubbi will be releasing a 6-song EP later this Spring, so stay tuned for more from this blossoming indie-electronic artist. 

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