Cry on the dancefloor with Laila’s new breakup anthem “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That”

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Rising pop singer-songwriter Laila is once again making waves in the music scene with her latest single, “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That.” Following a string of introspective releases, Laila’s new track marks her fourth single as a solo artist and is available on all streaming platforms this Friday, September 15.

Laila‘s music has always been known for its unflinching honesty, and “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That” is no exception. Her latest single serves as a captivating reclamation of strength through the embrace of vulnerability, merging candid, raw lyrics with an infectious, celebratory pop soundscape. The lyrics capture the fumbling and tumultuous journey of navigating a post-breakup world. Through a musical lens, Laila skillfully juxtaposes these deep emotions with an upbeat pop soundscape that defies the traditional norms of a breakup song.

“This song recounts the fumbly nature of my complicated post-breakup experience, and demonstrates, in the words of Kacey Musgraves, that ‘healing doesn’t happen in a straight line,’” says Laila. “This song is me and my head putting up a white flag in the battle against my heart, acknowledging that I can’t always control how it feels and makes me act. So I may as well embrace the messiness. This song was written very very quickly, and it feels like it has a lot of me in it.”

“Heart Doesn’t Work Like That” was written by Laila Kharouba, Jon Pike, and Brandon Pero, produced by Jon Pike and Brandon Pero, mixed by Brandon Pero, mastered by Kristian Montano, and features drums by Chris Dimas and guitar by Stu Weinberg.

As Laila continues to carve her niche in the pop music realm, “Heart Doesn’t Work Like That” stands as a shining example of her artistry and her ability to craft music that speaks to the heart while moving the feet. With Laila’s upcoming EP, you can continue to expect a dynamic collection of reflective heartbreak anthems delivered with on-the-nose lyricism and energized sonic pop soundscapes.


About Laila

Laila is an actress and singer/songwriter of Jordanian-Canadian descent. Laila’s first two releases “Strangers at the Airport” and “I Like Girls” were featured on CBC Radio’s “Here & Now,” and performed live at Toronto’s Pride Festival. Laila’s acting shines in the season finale of Netflix’s Glamorous, where she plays alongside Sex in the City star Kim Catrall.

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