Country Singer Chance Moore Releases New Single A Little Bit of Missin’ You’

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 Country music singer/songwriter and Mississippi native Chance Moore recently released his new single called “A Little Bit of Missin’ You

With tender lyrics like I’ll do what I have to do, to spend my life loving you, “A Little Bit of Missin’ You” brings a traditional country style, combined with Chance’s smooth, strong baritone. 
“The past few years, I let a whole lot of things distract me from my dream of music,” Chance explains. “I put it on the back burner and just worked all the time.  Though my business has become a success, music has been there constantly tugging at my heart, not wanting me to let go.  And, if I’ve realized one thing, it’s that if you try to run from what you’re meant to do in life, you’ll be miserable everyday of it.  Now, I plan on running the right direction.”

About Chance Moore

From the time he was just a kid, Chance fell in love with country music. He grew up listening to his heroes in the 90’s, like George StraitAlan Jackson and Randy Travis – but, the first time he heard Hank Williams, he was hooked. “I remember it like it was yesterday,” he said. “I was at the local drugstore in my hometown and saw one of Hank’s albums in there.  I talked my grandpa into carrying me back to buy it. I was mesmerized by how Hank could make you feel exactly what he was feeling through his songs. So, not long after, I bought another one, and another, and then another one.”

As time went on and he moved off to college, he began to dig into songwriting. After college and over the next several years, Chance worked different jobs to get by as he honed his craft for singing. It was just a few years ago that Chance decided that if a career in music is what he wanted, then it was time to pick himself up and get after it.  

Chance started singing for the first time in church. As time went on, Chance moved off to college and worked different jobs to get by as he honed his craft for singing. “I knew in my heart I wanted to pursue music, but another part of me knew that I needed to take the time to hone my craft.” He began digging into the music of Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings. “It really stood out me the smoothness of Merle’s delivery and how you could understand every word he sang.  And, I was really impressed with the power and depth of Waylon’s voice…so, I think I found my space somewhere in between.”  

Soon, Chance started making frequent trips to Nashville. It was there that, through a friend, he met Chris Latham – a Grammy winning producer – and together they produced Chance’s self-titled debut EP.  Chance is also a writer himself, penning the last song on the album. “It was one of the first country songs I wrote, and it sums up who I am as a whole. I really enjoy song writing, and I look forward to recording more original material in the future,” he said.

Chance has opened for country music superstars like T. Graham BrownDiamond RioThe Kentucky Headhunters, and James Otto. Many miles, late nights, and struggles have brought Chance to this point in his career. “I am anxious for what the future holds and ready for wherever the music takes me. If you like traditional country, then look no further!” 

For more information, visit and follow Chance on FacebookInstagramYouTube and Spotify.

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