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Country music starlet, Victoria Rose releases her first self-titled EP. The recording project, featuring 5 original tracks written by Victoria Rose, Caroline Walker and Michael Walker is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Produced by Michael Walker and recorded at Dreamwalker Music Evolution (Orlando, FL), the series of songs showcase Victoria Rose’s diverse songwriting ability and vocal range. The compilation embraces the phases of romance from the confusing “more than friends” stage to the final  “Goodbye.”  
The opening track, “Hate Myself For Missing You,” is carried by a bubbly melody juxtaposing Victoria’s discovery of her own self-worth when contemplating whether or not she should rekindle her old flame.  

We made a clean break
No words were left unsaid
So why are you still stuck in my head
Ohhh ohhh
I hate myself for missing you
Ohhh ohhh
Close my eyes and I’m still kissing you
I still want you and I don’t want to
I hate myself for missing you


Noted as her personal favorite, “Say Her Name,” steers away from the typical effervescent sound fans expect to hear from the 16-year-old songstress. Victoria’s fierce lyrics and delivery deny all competition between herself and the “new girl” by cautioning her ex to be careful not to confuse the two in the future. The high-strung instrumentation and production reinforce her good riddance attitude. 

She thinks she’s special
From the moment you saw her
You saw me
She’s my spittin image
Yet I’m the one in your dreams oh
I know you’ll try real hard
Not to give yourself away
Better be careful when you say her name

“Songwriting is oftentimes the only avenue to express my true feelings, and I didn’t hold back with this new project, ” said Victoria Rose, “My team and I experimented with a new sound that channels my new-found outlook on love and relationships. As I step into the next chapter of my music career, I am confident with the new direction and approach and cannot wait to hear the reactions from my listeners” 

About Victoria Rose:

Growing up on the Monongahela River in southwestern Pennsylvania, Victoria Rose’s love affair with country music began at an early age while cruising the waters on her family boat. Blending traditional and contemporary country music, she garnered an appreciation for legendary icons such as Dolly Parton and Hank Williams Jr., along with her childhood favorites Carrie Underwood and Little Big Town.

At the age of 6 years old, Victoria began piano, ukulele and guitar lessons, and later implemented vocal lessons at age thirteen. During her early grade school years, Victoria performed in numerous choirs, musicals and talent shows where her talents were beginning to be recognized. 

Her music career blossomed at the age of 12 when she was given the opportunity to perform at Pittsburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe followed by a National Anthem performance at the Monster Truck Jam (PPG Paints Arena). Since, she has received welcome to perform original sets at various music festivals such as: Bloomfest 2020 and Virtual Festival 2020. 

In pursuit of honing her musical craft, Victoria’s family recently made the move to the Sunshine State, where she is currently attending a high school music conservatory program while working with DME Orlando’s Artist Development Program. 

While Victoria is most certainly characterized by her songwriting ability, sassy lyrics and crisp twangy vocals, what lies beneath is the tenacity and determination that will put her on the path of success. She expertly balances young-hearted romanticism with sophistication to offer a relatable quality that country music fans alike, can latch onto. The now sixteen-year-old has released 4 singles (“Digging Your Own Grave,” “Yours,” “I Don’t Miss You” and “Caught Between”) which have accumulated near 200K streams on various streaming platforms. 

To keep the momentum going, Victoria Rose is currently in the process of recording and releasing new music anticipated to roll-out Fall 2021. 

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