Cleansing Your Liver with 7 Healthy Foods

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The liver is one of the hardest-working organs and is the second biggest organ of the body. It is considered as the gatekeeper of your body.

Each minute, the liver performs the chemical reactions to reject toxins, create proteins, and store the essential nutrients from your food supply. That’s why healthy eating is necessary.

Whether or not you have problems related to the liver, you should still supplement with these healthy foods because they contribute to cleansing and caring your liver better.

7 Healthy Foods for Your Liver


7 Healthy Foods for Your Liver – Go for It

A healthy diet is the best thing that you could do for your own liver. According to the health experts, you should limit animal foods, caffeine, sugar, and processed foods. Instead, having a plant-based diet is a better option.

Look here at 7 of many healthy foods that could be added to your daily meals. They will contribute to cleansing, detoxifying, and rejuvenating the key organs in the body.

#1 – Beets



The bright, beautiful look of beets is a benefit the whole of your body, liver included, will enjoy.

Beets are composed of the high content of antioxidants and a couple of vital nutrients such as fiber, iron, betalains, folates, betanin, betaine, and betacyanin.

Pectin in the beets is known as a soluble fiber, which has the ability to cleanse and keep you feeling full. On the other hand, fibers and nutrients of beets help remove the harmful toxins out of your liver without reabsorbing into the blood.

Consequently, don’t be fooled by the look of beets. This is a valuable food for you. Go out and find some related recipes to add them to your diet.

#2 – Sweet Potatoes

Beta-carotene in sweet potatoes is a natural anti-inflammatory, which is very beneficial for your body. Beta-carotene helps convert vitamin A in your liver in a direct way.

Therefore, you are getting vitamin A via beta-carotene. This is a healthy replacement, instead of using supplements.

Why? We know that vitamin A is good, but an excessive amount of vitamin A will have negative effects. Supplements provide too much of this vitamin type.

Inevitably, though sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, it is not damaging to your liver. It is only stored in your body for a short time. Furthermore, sweet potatoes have vitamin C, fiber, and cleansing nutrients, which help to support the liver function better.

#3 – Lemons

Lemons 1


This is an ideal food to cleanse your liver. Thanks to the richness of vitamin C and antioxidants in lemons, enzymes in the liver are numerous, so you get more energy. This one is good for the digestion.

Aside from that, lemons are also considered as a healthy alternative to salt. Not only does it include electrolytes to support the body but it also doesn’t make the cells dehydrate.

So, you can use lemons to replace salt in your diet. With the ability to alkalize in your body, lemons will help excrete wastes, improve the digestion, and neutralize toxins when entering your body.

It recommends that people use organic lemons. The purpose is to avoid the intervention of chemicals.

#4 – Apples



As mentioned, pectin is good for the liver. So, if you want to find something to care for your liver, apples will be one of the ideal options because this ingredient is laden in apples.

Pectin is a soluble fiber with many useful functions, including, rejecting harmful toxins and cholesterol from your blood. In addition to that, the richness of malic acid in apples also contributes to removing the carcinogens and other toxins.

Viewed from different health- giving properties, apples are good for the liver. Again, organic apples are best because they do not contain pesticides.

#5 – Broccoli



Looking at the bright green color of broccoli, you can appreciate that they have the high content of chlorophyll and antioxidants. These ones are helpful for the liver too.

Similarly, as this vegetable offers a high intake of fiber, using broccoli in your daily meals will help you remove carcinogens and other harmful toxins.

Together with Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, broccoli is one of the members belonging the cruciferous veggie. So, they are rich in glucosinolates – a beneficial ingredient to help your liver create more enzymes that are good for the digestion.

This is also considered as a rich source of vitamin E, which is a vital antioxidant for your liver. Remember to add broccoli in your diet when you feel tired.

#6 – Lentils



The liver especially loves lentils because their amount of fiber is rich enough to support liver functions.

Basically, we know that the liver will get damaged if we provide too much protein. Although the source of protein in lentils is high, that intake is sufficient to support the body without having any harmful problems.

Besides, they are easy to digest. After absorbing, they will help you distribute the nutrients better.

#7 – Garlic



Two essential nutrients for the liver are allicin and selenium, which are contained in garlic. They contribute to cleanse and nourish the whole your body.

While selenium helps you to detoxify, allicin has the ability to prevent the invaders into the immune system. Eating garlic also helps activate enzymes in your liver, which is helpful for the digestion.

It is recommended using fresh cloves of garlic, and limit garlic powder or processed garlic.

All these healthy foods are good for your health, not only for the liver but also for other organs. Why not add them to your diet right away to improve your own health.

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