Christian Parker’s “Every Passing Mile” is a Record We Will Listen to Again and Again

Written by Aiden Faire

The story of Christian Parker starts in the small, sleepy upstate New York town of Canton with the death of legendary Beatle John Lennon.  A young boy of 12 years old, it was Lennon’s death that moved Parker to pick up a guitar and learn Lennon’s song “Rocky Raccoon”.  Five years later Parker would release his first album and kickstart his musical journey that would eventually take him to the hub of country music itself, Nashville.  Parker quickly found success and would later find himself the lead guitarist for the Waydown Wailers, touring with the likes of Lady A, Charlie Daniels, Jarrod Niemann and The New Riders of the Purple Sage. Fresh off that circuit Parker would ink a deal with SubCat Records and begin work on his own material.

The single “Every Passing Mile” from Parker is the hauntingly beautiful title track from his forthcoming album of the same name.  Through the cacophony of minor chords and ethereal harmonies, Parker’s vocals evoke a striking poignancy that puts the listener right next to him as he travels down this lonely road he’s on.  You’ll hear the early influences of the Beatles in Parker’s delivery, combined with notes of The Byrd’s, the storytelling prowess of Bob Dylan, and the Americana-twinged soul of Tom Petty.  The real beauty in this track is the simplicity Parker uses to drive the emotion home to the listener – there is no fluff, no overdoing, just the sharp pang you’ll feel in your gut when he sings “Counting wires and poles along the pine/And I see her with every passing mile”.

“It started out as an American road song”, Parker explains, “…but Every Passing Mile ended up telling a very different story…a man forced onto the road, driven by a sense of desire he can’t escape.  I’ve always been told there is something mysterious about my music as if I am a watchman on the wall writing about the experiences of people I meet along the way”.

“Every Passing Mile” is the kind of song you want to dive headfirst into and find every little intricacy Parker has weaved into it.  If this single is any indication, the release of Parker’s record in January 2022 is going to be a true audial tapestry meant to be savored.  Make sure to follow along on Parker’s socials and be the first to hear the record that’s bound to make waves, all on his own.

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By Aiden Faire Music Reviewer
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