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According to the US Census Bureau, as of 2010, 80.7 percent of US citizens reside in urban areas and another 71.2 percent of Americans live in urbanized areas while 9.5 percent are in urban clusters. Only 19.3 percent of American citizens can be found in rural areas. Living near a lake or ocean can overlap. Some lakes might be found in areas that more rural while the ocean can most definitely be found in urban areas that are heavily populated such as Miami, Florida or Los Angeles, California.

Many people seek to move to areas, whether urban or rural because they can be near the water and offer a relaxing way for people to get away from it all. Constantly going into the city and having to work might leave one very exhausted and stressed out constantly. Now, you could do both. You may work in the city and choose to reside somewhere near the water. The commute could be longer daily but potentially worth it for you to have the relaxing piece of mind being near water.

For those that wish to reside near water, it may be for health reasons. Research has shown that images of the calm water could prove restorative for people. It causes people to react more favorably toward difficult situations that happen. You might be one of the 23.5 million US citizens, 12 years or older, struggling with addiction and need assistance from the best rehab centers in California. The benefits of living near the water go far beyond preventing you from stressing out over difficult situations.

It can also work to increase your immune system’s functions. When you go outside of your office and into nature, you can find increased levels of immunity. To put it simply, your immune system becomes stronger as a result. You will have decreased blood pressure, less cortisol (a stress hormone), and a lessening of your pulse levels, which lead to less stressful situations and no reason to seek help from the best rehab centers in California you may need to otherwise.

What’s interesting about simply looking at water is that it causes increased levels of serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine while the cortisol declines. Your cognitive functioning will increase because of these positive hormones being augmented. Your brain will process faster while you find peace near the serenity of the water. Part of the beauty of being near the water will lead to greater levels of fresh air.

With the fresh air and the clean breezes, it will only add to the peace of mind you have throughout your day. As the water goes in and out and the air is fresh, you might find that there is a great deal of silence. There will not be any crazy noise that causes you to become anxious or not rested. Everything can be much different with respect to feeling peaceful.

As you feel more peaceful, you can find there is a great chance you will sleep better. Thanks to a better sleep, you can feel increased levels of energy that could lead you to feel a great deal more energetic. You could even consider taking up meditation. What this might do for you is to allow you to clear your head and to connect back to elements of your soul. All the elements could make this practice, whether near the beach or on it, incredibly beneficial to you in your life.

While you might find those health benefits rewarding, you may begin to see that your physical health works out much better. The practice of walking or going for a run can help give you vast amounts of strength training. Your leg muscles will receive a workout and you will become stronger as you work to build your muscle tone. Not only is this relaxing but it contributes to your overall physical endurance. There’s more you can do though.

Living near water brings opportunities to go swimming. By physically swimming in the water, your heart rate will increase, causing your muscular and cardiovascular systems to augment. You will build body strength too. With the sun out, depending on where you live, your vitamin D levels will become greater too. Your mood might improve as a result and your skin could become a lot better too. While you may not live near the water now, such health benefits may prove tempting for you to make the move to such an area. Even if the daily commute could prove a little longer each day, the benefits of a more peaceful life might be what makes the difference.

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