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Certified Personal Trainer Stephanie Rofkahr Gives Tips for Six-Pack Abs

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For those who want the desired six-pack, there are methods on how to get a six-pack that you should know. Stephanie Rofkahr is a certified personal trainer and a nutritionist that helps people get fit and stay healthy. She can customize a nutrition coaching plan and fitness training for you to fit your needs. When it comes to getting in shape and be healthier, she can help you. Stephanie Rofkahr had some tips for us when it comes to six-pack abs and maintaining them.


It takes more than crunches to get a six-pack 

Anyone can get six-pack abs but it is not just cardio and strength training that gives you six-pack abs. Having a healthy diet and your body fat is how you get six-pack abs. The younger you are, the easier it is to have six-pack abs due to your hormones and being able to keep your fats lower. As women get into their childbearing years there is extra body fat that is stored which can make it harder to keep the six-pack abs. Six-pack abs are sustainable as long as you exercise and keep a clean diet.

Exercise and what you eat is important to have for a six-pack 

Getting that six-pack abs that everyone strives for are not just working the abs itself. It is exercise, keeping your fat intake lower than most and keeping your diet extra clean to get six-pack abs.

The realistic way to get a six-pack 

The most realistic way to get a six-pack is to aim for a gallon of water a day, keeping your diet clean, your fats low and to exercise. It honestly is a combination of doing it all to get six-pack abs, especially for women.

Fitness equipment for a six-pack

You don’t need to use loads of fitness equipment to get a six-pack. For your abs workouts, you can do bodyweight-only exercises as well as you can use kettlebells, dumbbells, or resistance bands to provide extra resistance during your abs workouts. To get the best resistance bands, visit

For more information on Stephanie Rofkahr and her virtual fitness training and nutrition coaching, visit and follow @fit.four.five on Facebook and Instagram.

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