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As interior designers, it’s our duty to find beauty and elegance in all things, including holiday décor. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching us, my team and I at Design Solutions have been brainstorming stylish, seamless and chic décor ideas to incorporate into the home –and it doesn’t have to include faux leaves and paper turkeys!

Here are some simple, yet tasteful tips to help you conquer Thanksgiving in style:

Set up your color palette: Having your color palette determined from the start will help you select and bring all items together in record time and with ease. We recommend neutral, effortless, and elegant colors that won’t clash with the rest of the home. These include white, gold, beige, burgundy and hunter green. Remember, the color scheme is everything when it comes to setting up your home.

Add accessories:  Once you have your color palette as a guide, use this to select your decorative pillows, throws, candles, flower bouquets, etc. These items not only help you fill the space and add allure, but can also serve to add comfort, warmth, and charm to the home. If you don’t know where to start, try the beginning – your entry. Whether it be your front door or foyer, do not make the mistake of neglecting this area that not only greets your guest(s), but also sets the tone for the rest of your living space. Try incorporating oversized pumpkins, or if you want to keep it simple, try festive yet elegant greenery such as orange roses, yellow sunflowers, gold cushion poms, rust cushion mums, seeded eucalyptus, oregonia and magnolia leaves.  Don’t forget to make use of your mantel -with a few accessories, you can leave guests feeling captivated and enchanted.

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The home bar: What makes a great get together during holiday gatherings is the perfect home bar. Add some pizzazz to your home bar by adding a seasonal flower arrangement, candles with striking holders, and adorn it with a copper colander filled with mini pumpkins, apples, or pears.

Try unconventional methods: When creating the perfect dining table set, it’s not necessary to go the traditional route. Replace the fall leaf set up with batches of wheat, use white pitchers as vases, add textured glasses, and go for the modern farmhouse look. Ditch traditional glass candles and consider using long white candles with sculptural holders for that extra dramatic look every dining table needs.  The ambiance that beautifully placed candles can add to a table setting is the difference between an unmemorable meal and an unforgettable gathering.

Lighting is key: For Thanksgiving, you should try warm lighting. A combination of fresh greenery and flowers with warm lighting is likely to make all the difference. Don’t be afraid to try something different and incorporate some indoor string lighting for your mantle or make the switch to dimmable light switches. And of course, don’t forget those awe-inspiring candles which are best scattered throughout the home.

Add personal touches: No matter what décor you use, don’t forget to keep it true to who you are. You can do this by adding those personal touches that define and represent you. One creative way to achieve this is by adding a chalkboard as an accent wall piece and writing a personal message on it. You can handwrite a note of gratitude, love and appreciation to all of your Turkey Day guests this year. Not only will this be a meaningful touch, but the chalkboard can continue to be reused for the remaining holiday months and throughout the year!

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The statement piece: A fall pumpkin table would make the ideal statement piece. Gourds of different sizes, textures, and colors will make this seasonal tableau the ideal foyer statement piece. Pumpkins are extremely versatile. Left whole, they can sit at many angles to give everyone at the table a beautiful view. Cut open, they make great flower holders or a classic Halloween light. While most popular in orange, white and speckled pumpkins offer new options for color schemes. Of course, if you can’t find a pumpkin in a color you like, you can always paint it or top it with glitter. Add some cranberry vines, pine boughs, or cones for a color and texture contrast. Vine balls, in all colors, work well against the ribbed pumpkin exterior. Glass, crystal, and silver goblets are just a few options for display and don’t forget to incorporate ribbon and bows.

Tasteful menu display: Thanksgiving revolves around food—spend a little extra prep time on displaying the menu. Guests will love knowing what delicious dishes they will be eating in advance. For your home menu, try using multiple eye magnets, including shaded boxes and frames with both solid and dotted lines. Elements like ribbons and arrows help your eye travel down the page. Keep in mind your color palette when designing your home menu (here’s a special tip: for menus- red and blue are generally thought to help trigger appetite!)

Photo place cards: Instead of written place cards, show your family and guests’ personality with individually framed name cards at each place setting. Thanksgiving is about family, friends, and fun, so try using a funny picture of each of your guests. Childhood photos are great, but any comical picture will do, so liven up the festivities and add that final personal touch. Remember, these photo place cards are so versatile, they can be used year-round for any occasion. If you’re looking to save some money, try using simple polaroid place cards instead of the traditional frames.

Personalized to-go boxes: I personally cannot recall a thanksgiving where I didn’t leave without a to-go box, and this year, your guests will surely be leaving your home with a to-go container full of turkey and other delicious treats. Distribute your leftovers in style with personalized to-go boxes. Instead of turning to Ziplock bags and aluminum foil as a last resort, impress your guests and send them home with stylish Thanksgiving leftover boxes with colorful personalized and printable labels!

Thanks to Luciana Fragali, owner of high-end interior and architectural design firm, Design Solutions for this guest post.

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Design Solutions is a high-end interior design and architectural firm based in Miami with a long-standing reputation for turning high-end residential and commercial spaces into distinct lifestyle destinations that reflect each client’s identity and vision.

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