Caroline Grace Releases “Turn The Light Off” Official Video

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LA-based pop artist Caroline Grace is excited to release the official video for her single “Turn The Light Off,” The video, directed by Jeff Vanags, is the perfect visual adaptation to the lyrics, which stem from Caroline’s fear to open up. “This visual was really important for me to make because I wanted to show the people who support my music that everyone has insecurities and things they don’t like about themselves, and that’s ok,” Caroline explains. “Disregarding them and pretending like they don’t exist, however, is never the answer and actually perpetuates the issue. Once you can actually find the strength to address those insecurities and embrace them is when you feel like a more authentic version of yourself and creating this project actually really helped me in that process.”

Caroline Grace - Turn The Light Off (Official Music Video)

Video Shot & Directed By Jeff Vanags

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Artwork by Amber Robb

“Turn The Light Off” is the first single off Caroline’s upcoming debut EP, Afraid of the Dark, out May 24th. “I initially got the idea for Afraid of The Dark while talking to my mom about how you develop film in a dark room and thinking about the concept that a photo can’t be brought into the light until it is fully developed,” Caroline states. “That idea sparked one in me- everyone sort of has a dark room in their mind. A place where they hide all the shit they don’t want to address or anyone to see. But suppressing that stuff doesn’t make it go away. It’s only until you have the courage to clean it out that place in your mind that you are truly a developed person and can live you life the way you are supposed to. The way in which that translate’s to the contents of my EP is that all of the songs address certain parts of myself I was too afraid to sing about in the past. The creative process really has a real way of digging into your soul and pulling out your biggest vulnerabilities. For this project I wanted to be as honest as possible and just write what was on my heart. In a way I was cleaning out my dark room and came out the other side a better person.

About Caroline Grace
22 year old singer/songwriter, Caroline Grace, has found her voice in R&B influenced pop / electronic music. Starting to write songs at age 14, Grace has taken years to develop her artistry. While studying writing at the University of Southern California, Grace captured the attention of grammy nominated singer / songwriter Jason Boyd (Poo Bear). The two went on to co-write her debut single, Show Me, which landed the recognition of some of music’s largest publications, Billboard included. Since, Grace began her own independent record label / production company, Illuminate Creative Group, and has been working tirelessly to new music that will plunge her into the mainstream, including her debut EP, set to come out May of 2019. This past November Caroline made her tour debut opening for Kyle, Marc E. Bassy and Tobi Lou. Sit back and watch as this fierce young woman takes the music industry by storm.

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Photo Credit: Jeff Vanags

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