Carmen Rosa Releases New Single Love You Won’t Find Twice

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Carmen Rosa is a Peruvian/London artist and poet . Carving a name for herself as a songwriter, she has since been credited to songs cut by powerhouse Kygo, as well as rising stars Rhodes, Wildes and Village; with more due for release over the months ahead.

‘Love You Won’t Find Twice’ was recorded as a live take with producer James Kenosha and the artist Rhodes on piano. It is an intro to the new EP ‘Little Treasures’ due to be released in Spring.

‘Love You Won’t Find Twice’ shows every insecurity, every fear but also every hope. It’s great that more and more people and artists are talking and sharing their battles with anxiety. This track is about holding on to the memories and words that make us happy; a simpler time.

She has also just started a blog, about one of her biggest passion, poetry:

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“The half – Peruvian singer/songwriter makes sensual and brooding darkwave pop that’ll tug at your heartstrings.” – Notion Magazine !

“A beautiful, haunting affair.” – Dazed

“Striking Excellence.” – Wonderland Magazine

“Rosa’s voice wraps itself around you like a delicate mist, seeping into your skin as you feel every word of lines.” – Press Play Ok

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