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Carly Gibson, petite yet mighty, is an Atlanta based singer-songwriter who blends Americana and roots with rock-n-roll and old-school R&B. Carly walks in her own footsteps and draws you in like a magnet with her inviting sultry vocals and sincere lyrics, all gripped together with her gutsy guitar. While her sound is distinctly original, you feel a warm sense of nostalgia less than seconds into her songs as she pays subtle tribute to her many legendary influences including Grace Potter, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Black Crowes, CSNY and Led Zeppelin.

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A respected guitarist, Carly has 13 years of performance under her belt. She has opened for artists such as Randall Bramblett , Michael Tolcher and Geoff Achison and has performed with Caroline Aiken, Donna Hopkins, Diane Durrett, Chris Hicks (Marshall Tucker Band), Jeff Sipe and more. Carly is a 2009 and 2010 alumni of the prestigious GRAMMY Camp, and is a 2013 graduate of the renowned Atlanta Institute of Music – one of less than a dozen women to complete their guitar program. Besides her solo career, Carly is a member of and tours with the successful Atlanta-based bands Gibson Wilbanks and The Pussywillows. Carly releases her new original single, Love Me, on Friday, April 20, 2018 with Victory Music Buzz.

Carly Gibson - "Love Me" Live at The Train Depot

To be honest, this is probably the first “positive” love song I’ve ever written…not joking. I have found that songwriting, for me, has mostly been an outlet for my internal cynicism and struggle. I hold these dark feelings in a lot of the time to avoid putting them on others– but once I’m alone with my instrument, that’s it, it’s going to flood out one way or another.

  Although this single is considered a “love song”, it is still lined with a cynical tinge of practicality. I have always strongly believed in and felt the power and balance of yin and yang; the dark and light contrast to everything in life. You CANNOT have one without the other in order to cultivate growth and expansion. This song is a dedication to my almost 7 years and counting journey in my first serious relationship. Not just about being in a committed relationship with another person, but how to function, learn, and grow as an INDIVIDUAL adult alongside the other.

 Holding on white knuckled through the storms, not giving up….is the most crucial and formidable challenge to be bestowed with. This song is a timeline of sorts of my realization and acknowledgement of *gratitude* for finding and trusting in the love that I have. I truly feel that I had dodged many bullets of heartache with the decisions I have made. Instead of fleeing when it gets tough, I acknowledge and respect the work that true companionship takes…cause the grass is never greener on the other side. We all have opportunity to listen to our intuition. May we all have the patience and strength to keep following and discern our thoughts/feelings. May we all allow ourselves to grow, love, and be loved by those who are worth our energy. Most of all, may we have love and compassion for ourselves.  Carly Gibson





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