Career Opportunities in Interior Designing

Career Opportunities in Interior Designing

One does not need to be an expert on Feng Shui to know the importance of living space in influencing one’s mood and day; you simply need to spend a couple of hours in a room that desperately needs decluttering – A pile of clothes lying carelessly next to a mountain of toys, books, and other unwanted stuff. To make things worse, the room also suffers from bad lighting and color missteps.

Well, while some spaces simply need better management, others call for a complete makeover directed by an adept interior designer. However, the story doesn’t end there.

If you wish to choose interior designing as your ideal career path, there are several specializations open for your taking, as discussed below.

#1 Architectural Technologist

Coming up with stellar initial concepts and ideas for a building are tasks that belong to the architect. The architectural technologist, on the other hand, is more concerned with the technical side of construction. Working closely with architects and other construction professionals, these technologists help overcome any potential design problems before the construction process begins. Their design-stage risk assessments are valuable nuggets for architects to avoid major construction failures such as scaffolding collapse, structural instability, and accidents due to aerodynamics imbalance.

#2 Residential Space Designer

Uniting form and function, following Feng Shui principles, and balancing yin and yan energies are becoming important considerations for modern homeowners. The skilled residential space designer, guided by the timeless designing principles of color, lighting, rhythm, focus, and contrast, works towards making every space not just aesthetically compatible with the client’s tastes but also functionally viable for a comfortable living and working environment.

Some interior designers may exclusively focus on a single space transformation, such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

#3 Commercial Space Designer

You may not judge a book by its cover, but you will definitely judge a restaurant by its ambiance and a corporate office by how productivity-friendly it looks and feels. After all, our spaces – the color, the lighting, the clutter-free environment – all play a key role in influencing our mood and productivity. And this is where a commercial space interior designer steps in. From retail outlets to schools and hospitals, these designers guide their clients in choosing the right materials, space distribution, and layout for a comfortable atmosphere.

#4 Event Designer

Could there be anything more exciting than designing events? Corporate functions, weddings, fundraisers, exhibitions, trade fairs, and more, each calls for the expertise of a skilled event designer. Perpetually donning the creativity hat, the event designer suggests color palettes, creates inspiration boards and handles timelines and logistics while accounting for their client’s unique tastes and preferences for a particular event.

#5 Furniture Designer

This might be a new one for many interior design aspirants. Yes, you can literally design one-of-their-kind furnishings that will later adorn your client’s homes and commercial spaces! Using CAD or Computer Aided Design, such designers generate prototypes for client approval. Later, using suitable materials, the final piece is produced. The furniture designer also oversees liaising with craftsmen and pricing.

No matter which path you take, a career as an interior designer requires creativity. And creativity is a muscle that requires training under the expert guidance of industry-best professors such as those at the Pearl Academy. With a comprehensive curriculum that combines research, and theoretical and practical learning, their interior design course equips students to take up any complex design challenges with confidence.

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