Canadian Southern Rock Songstress Syd Carter West Drops New Single

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Syd Carter West has dropped her newest single, “The Ugly Truth,” and there’s nothing ugly about this song. West possesses the vocals of veterans three-times her age and the presence of legends like Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury. From start to finish you’re gripped by a combination of incredible talent and stylistic production that complements the overall energy of this artist. This track is just a sample of what’s to come off of her upcoming album of the same name, The Ugly Truth. 

At the core of each of Syd Carter West’s songs is a message of empowerment, authenticity, and vulnerability; “The Ugly Truth” is a perfect example of that.“I am my own person and my own individual whether you accept it or not. I went through hell trying to change myself, and it’s not worth it. I would rather be ridiculously weird than normal,” West explains.

The not-so-ugly truth is that Syd Carter West is a musical force to be reckoned with, and there’s no doubt that she’ll continue to mesmerize audiences with her combination of authenticity and raw talent–a rare find these days.

Stream “The Ugly Truth,” now on digital music platforms worldwide.

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