Canadian folk singer-songwriter Kelseidoscope is back with her latest single Wouldya Bee

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Kelseidoscope has released her latest single, ‘Wouldya Bee.’ The track, performed and written by Kelseidoscope and produced by Randy Kalsi is available on all streaming platforms now. The music video for the song is also now available on Kelseidoscope’s Youtube channel.


This latest single explores the importance of harmony in the world, and features Kelseidoscope’s cheerful vocals, along with her ukulele playing, to create a sweet and freeing soundscape that we all need in 2021.

“The chorus of Wouldya Bee first came to me while on a date at a bee sanctuary but I didn’t finish the song until years later. For a long time I thought romantic relationships were a distraction from personal and spiritual development, until I later realized love can be one of the greatest motivators,” says Kelseidoscope. “Similarly to how the teamwork of bees makes the sweetness of honey, the sacred bond of a loving relationship can overflow to bring more sweetness into the world at large.  Shortly after I came to these realizations I decided to finish the song and incorporate these insights into the lyrics of this fun-loving, joyful tune!”

More singles for this artist are underway in 2021 with an album also expected.

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About Kelseidoscope

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Kelseidoscope [Kelsey Eide] is a Canadian singer-songwriter whose mission is to create music with a lens to heal and inspire. “Kelseidoscope” is not only a play-on-words via her name but is indicative of her process as a musician: repeated reflection. She digs deep into life’s beauty and trials offering positivity, hope or emotional processing with her high consciousness lyrics, catchy choruses and warm, embracing vocals. From teaching English in Korea to organic farming in her hometown of Timmins Kelseidoscope has a multitude of enriching life experiences she credits for forming her unique approach to music. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Community Development which deeply influenced her outlook on life and the themes of her songs. She has lived and volunteered in many parts of the world including teaching English in Korea, volunteering at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand, and working as a TV Presenter in Shenzhen, China. While living in Shenzhen her sister Kylah tragically passed away, motivating her to pursue her dreams full-heartedly. Kelseidoscope is motivated by supporting others to feel life’s greatest emotions and instill confidence and self love. Each of her songs have layers of stories, adventures and meaning she is committed to sharing with the world.

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