Calista Kazuko joins the pantheon of mothers in music with new alt-pop single ‘Panda’, a true celebration of Motherhood across generations

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In celebration of Motherhood throughout the generations, Calista Kazuko is releasing ‘Panda’, a theatrical alternative-pop single built around playful percussion, soulful piano and the artist’s rich vocal expressions. At the centre of it all, is the sacred symbol of the panda, which has been an animal important to the Japanese side of the musician’s family. The familial connection can be felt and heard within lyrics such as “Learning to climb was easy, ‘cause I learnt to climb on you”, which portrays that all-important relationship between parent and child, aptly released on Mother Day’s in the UK.

Speaking about what this special song means to her, Kazuko shares:

“‘Panda’ is a celebration of Motherhood.  A thank you to my own fabulous Mama and a thank you to the magical little Bean growing in my tummy. Now, having taken a few months dedicated to milk-stained maternal bliss, I’m so excited to share this very special song and video to celebrate Mother’s Day 2022.

My beautiful baby girl is named after her Great-great-grandmother if you go straight up the female line on my Japanese side. The super loveable, super-kawaii panda is deeply loved in our family, in fact my Granny had a whole room devoted to them! 

It’s true what they say… becoming a Mother really does make you feel invincible, it’s the greatest gift I could have ever asked for!”

‘Panda’ is also part of the extended Uchi project, inspired by the sense of home, which will consist of songs written and recorded during and after Calista Kazuko’s pregnancy. Not only does the project ruminate on the home within yourself, but also the very real places of belonging, which will culminate in an album and a special project with refugee charities Migrant Help and CodeYourFuture. Watch this space!

Calista Kazuko I Panda Official Video

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