Cade Hoppe Releases New Single Click Boom Run

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“Click Boom Run” is the anthemic pop follow-up single to “Loverly High” and “On My Way Down”—the third in a series of ongoing collaborations this NYC-based artist has done with producer Harper James.  A pulsating guitar stack and a thick lead vocal make this record ear-catching right from the start.

The song explores feelings of remorse over a concluded relationship, centered around one of life’s most dangerous questions: what if?  Regret seeps through the lines of the chorus as Cade laments, “It would’ve been nice/To fall in love together” … because imagining what could have been is sometimes easier than accepting what never was.  With Cade’s songwriting at its best and most vulnerable—and Harper’s masterfully crafted production to support it—this record is meant not only to be heard but listened to.

About Cade

Cade Hoppe

Imagine if The National made a Taylor Swift record endorsed by Chris Martin, Jack Antonoff, and Ben Folds—now you essentially have a Cade Hoppe record. No matter whose music inspires comparison, Cade sets himself apart from others in the pop landscape with his warm, baritone vocals complemented by earnest lyricism and sticky pop melodies.

In late 2020, Cade released his 13-song project, “Poor Man’s Love,” to some success; the third single, “Best Friend,” garnered nearly 20,000 Spotify streams in the first month due to a strong push from Spotify’s algorithmic playlists.  As these numbers grew, he wasted no time putting the pieces together for his next project.

Before the year was over, Cade connected and made his first collaboration with producer Harper James of indie pop-duo Eighty Ninety that became “Loverly High”.  That was followed by the creation of “On My Way Down,” which then led to the newest single “Click Boom Run,” with more to come.

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