Buster Baer “Gets Deeper” With Optimistic Break-Up Tune

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Many of us know what it feels like to go through a breakup and Buster Baer has eloquently shared his own experience with his new indie-pop single, “Get Deeper.” The relatable track is about two people who still might love each other but need to take time to focus on loving themselves first. Break-ups look different for everyone, but Buster teaches us that you must learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else. Unlike traditional break-up ballads, “Get Deeper” will raise your spirits instead of putting you down in the dumps.

With a catchy melody, funky bass, and optimistic rhythm, “Get Deeper” will have your head nodding and is a must-add to your mood-boosting playlist. “I wrote ‘Get Deeper’ after breaking up with a girl who was in a negative mental health space,” Buster shares. “It sort of graduated to being about a celebration of spirituality in general, which makes me laugh because spirituality is usually so calm and centered. I thought it’d be fun to get a little excited about getting mellow, to get fired up to calm down, to get hot and bothered about cooling off and taking it easy.” 

The poignant lyrics reveal the saddening truth Buster faces when he realizes that to move forward, he must take a break. “I think I love you enough to leave you for your own sake” is a bittersweet line in the song that perfectly summarizes the essence of this story. Buster’s authentic spirit shines through like a ray of sunshine with this hit track and will leave you feeling more empowered and uplifted.

Listen to “Get Deeper” here and follow him on Instagram @BusterBaer

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