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There are those that say white glove logistics is the fastest growing sector and we tend to agree, as the world prepares for the next level of digital tech; the Internet of Things, which will be powered by 5G. Technical logistics is already essential for many businesses, large and small, as we integrate innovative digital equipment into the modern world; from touch-screen menus to magnetic resonance imaging.

Let’s take a look at the business sectors that rely on technical logistics.

  • Banking & finance – Next time you use an ATM, spare a thought for the technicians that install, maintain and repair these devices; companies such as TecDis, a leading UK technical logistics provider that offers a wide range of services across many industries. These hardy machines often malfunction, and each bank would have a service and repair contract with a white glove logistics company to handle all ATM issues.
  • Retail – We’ve all seen the latest generation of digital signage and touch-screen information boards and menus, all of which fall under the domain of technical logistics. Complex digital systems that keep track of stock and inventory require specialist handling, with barcode systems that are state of the art. You may have already been served your coffee by a robot and this type of equipment is transported and configured by white glove technicians.
  • Gaming & vending – The slots in casinos are under the care of a special team of technicians with security clearance and these machines need to be online to coordinate jackpots. Touchscreen vending machines are replacing mechanical units and they are installed and maintained by white glove teams.
  • Access control – Venues such as sports arenas, bur and train stations all need effective access control and these systems are transported, installed and maintained by technical logistics teams. Mobile support teams are ready to fix a system at any time of day or night and they are used to working under pressure. London Underground is a classic example; all their automated access barriers require 24/7 support, which is provided by companies such as TecDis.
  • Healthcare – Most medical equipment (MRI & CT scanners & X-Ray machines) require specialist handling and need to be calibrated ready for use. This type of equipment is very bulky and expensive and transporting it to its final destination can be very challenging. AI is merging with the healthcare sector to provide very accurate X-Ray diagnosis, performing better than any human. How is this possible? The machine learning computer is fed hundreds of thousands of X-Ray images, which forms its knowledge base and every time a new image is uploaded, this makes the machine smarter. Dental equipment is also complex and requires special handling, especially X-Ray and laser applications.
  • Fitness – You no doubt have an annual subscription at your local fitness centre and all the equipment you use is installed and serviced by technical logistics companies. The provider would also offer end-user training to help gym staff manage the equipment, and of course, repairs are carried out in a timely fashion, ensuring that the equipment is always online. Treadmills, rowing and cycling machines are just some of the items found at the fitness centre and with constant heavy use, they do need to be serviced. The gym would have a contract with a leading UK technical logistics company to take care of their equipment, with a 24/7 support number.
  • IT Sector – There are numerous IT related services offered by the technical logistics company, data centre relocation, IT hardware collection and disposal, hardware upgrades and even office relocation. Secure telecommunications are another speciality of the white glove firm, providing corporate video conferencing up to government level and the team would be present until the event is over. Anything that is IT related would be under the domain of technical logistics; should you ever need your IT hardware replaced, talk to a leading technical logistics firm and they can handle the project from start to finish. Here are a few tips for the budding entrepreneur, which might come in handy.
  • Stock markets & other trading platforms – There is a need for secure networks when trading commodities and a special team of cyber-security experts ensure the system is never compromised. This usually involves fibre-optic hi-speed connections to handle the huge volume of transactions that are occurring at any given time. This includes cryptocurrency trading platforms, where security is paramount.
  • Manufacturing – Most UK factories are already using automation in the form of robotics, which not only requires special installation, these systems need to be managed and maintained. Take a walk around an auto factory and you will see many automated processes that consistently produce quality vehicles. In a fully automated plant, there are very few employees, and they are monitoring the system.
  • Scientific – As you would expect, scientific equipment is very complex and delicate, only certified technicians can handle this kind of equipment and they spend a great deal of time learning what they need to know to obtain essential OEM certification.
  • Print & imaging – The technical logistics company would have several teams that are dedicated to 3D printing set up and repair. As you would expect, industrial printers are very complex and require specialised handling, which is where tech logistics comes in. Laser printers and colour photocopiers are another domain for the white glove technician, who can fix problems on-site and are on call 24/7.
  • Industrial Machinery – Heavy industry has a need for special logistics and support, which is provided by a company with the know-how and equipment to ensure safe delivery and installation. Large capacity low-loader trucks are customised for the transport of power generators, turbines and other heavy plants.

The white glove logistics firm provides essential technical services to many different types of business and there are stringent UK government guidelines from Logistics UK, where you can find important information about technical logistics services.

This sector has a rosy future as we move into the next dimension of digital technology with the Internet of Things (IoT) just round the corner.

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