British Singer-Songwriter Hannah Featherstone releases new album ‘Word Bound’

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Hannah Featherstone is Franco-British artist. Her voice glides through styles and ranges. Her piano sets a steady groove. Her music blends the catchy riffs of electro pop with the off-beat meanderings of jazz. 

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Born in England and raised for the most part in France, she’s never been able to choose between the two countries and finds herself most at home somewhere in between. Brought up in a family of musicians, she was naturally immersed in music from the start. Her extensive experience of singing in classical and gospel choirs, but also in jazz, world music and pop ensembles, has nourished an eclectic and unique sound. 

Hannah makes herself at home on any stage, in both small and large venues, fashioning her own space with a relaxed vibe that quickly spreads to the audience. As a result, every performance ends up feeling like a real heart-to-heart between her and the audience, varying in number from tens to thousands. 

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Her new album, Word Bound, explores both the creative and reductive power of words, using her lyrics and their musical setting to reach beyond what meets the eye. What is left when labels are stripped away? 

What’s in a name, opening track from album Word Bound, is both quirky and catchy. Seemingly playful, this song takes a jab at the incessant urge to label one another and the pressure to prove our worth through status. “Beyond the glitz and the glam that we feign, everyone tries to differ… Are we not one and the same?” 

In collaborating with young French music producer Estienne Rylle and with established drummer David Allevard, Hannah Featherstone has developed a subtle and powerful electro backdrop for her pop-jazz harmonies. ‘Word bound’: a truly authentic and disarming album coming out on 28th June 2018.

Check out her single‘What’s In A Name’:

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