Bri Oglu’s “Slowly” Faces the Unknowns of Love and Loss

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The moments following a confession of one’s feelings are always the most nerve-wracking. This feeling of anxiety when facing the unknown is something that rising pop artist Bri Oglu, familiarizes herself with in her upcoming debut single, “Slowly.” With a cinematic production, epic vocals, and heartfelt lyrics, this latest track is sure to be the next big heartfelt ballad of the season.

“‘Slowly’ is about living in the moments right after you express love for someone,” the soul-pop singer explains. “That unknown space where you could be at the beginning of an epic love or the end of a friendship.”  Bri further shares the story behind the song, revealing that she had written it in 2019, but shelved it until she found the right voice. After revisiting it, the song is now ready for debut. The artist even revealed, “I wrote it about the person who ended up producing it years later, it was a pretty surreal full-circle moment.”

Bri Oglu’s artistry is a beautiful blend of vocal textures and different genre styles that blend together into something unique to her. Unafraid to express her raw emotions, this up and coming star will definitely touch the hearts of many new fans. “Slowly” is only the first of many new music releases for Bri Oglu, so be sure to keep an eye out for more from this growing soul-pop artist.

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