BRE’s Girl-Boss Anthem “Rather Be Alone”

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Alt-pop artist BRE has returned with her newest single, “Rather Be Alone.” Radiating liberating and girl-boss energy, the track is upbeat, dance-worthy, and memorable from beginning to end.

“Rather Be Alone” is about coming to the realization that it’s easier – and better – to be alone versus the alternative struggles of committing to a relationship. Recognizing her own capabilities and independence, BRE pours all of her self-worth and self-realization into the track. Building on the letting-go energy the song implies are energizing electric guitar riffs and an infectious booming beat.

“Dating sucks. Dating in LA sucks. Dating in LA in your late twenties/early thirties sucks. That’s the place where ‘Rather Be Alone’ came from. After being f*ckboyed one too many times, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Honestly, I’d rather be alone than deal with this BS!” I wrote ‘Rather Be Alone’ in my Notes app on my phone in maybe 30 minutes and now here we are!”


BRE has made a name for herself in the alt-pop genre for her empowering, compelling, and memorable lyricism. She sets herself apart from her peers by empowering her fans to become the best versions of themselves. “Rather Be Alone” is a comforting song to those who have recently gone through a breakup. Instead of sulking in sadness, BRE shines a light of positivity and empowerment as she encourages listeners to embrace their independence. We definitely recommend adding this track to your Female Anthem or Breakup playlists.

“Rather Be Alone” is available now on Spotify. Keep up with what BRE has coming next by following her Instagram @bremusicpage and visiting her website

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