Breakout Country Artist Lauren Teel Announces Release Of New EP

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Nashville, Tenn.  – Breakthrough country music artist Lauren Teel is releasing her new EP on Nov. 3, 2020. You can preview the new EP by clicking here

Lauren has never shied away from telling her story through her songwriting. What’s unique about Lauren is that she’s been writing ever since she was 12 years old, and at 13, she wrote her first full song.

The inspiration behind her debut EP is related to a crush that she had whenever she was younger.

“At 13, I was falling for the class clown in my theatre class whose name kept lingering in my mind. I had bits and pieces of a song but couldn’t quite fit them all together until months went by and I came up with a pre-chorus that connected all the lyrics,” Lauren explained.

Lauren continued by saying, “It’s not always easy to look back at your past and wonder what could’ve been if someone would’ve cared or if someone noticed how much you cared. It’s not always simple thinking about if you had grown up somewhere else. It’s always hard looking back on what failed.”

The singer-songwriter also stated that she focused on producing all new music that was different from what anyone else had heard before. Lauren is known for her soulful sound and honest lyrics that tell a story from beginning to end.

You can learn more about Lauren Teel by visiting her website

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