Breaking Bad Habits for Good

Breaking bad habits is not always easy, especially if they are something you enjoy. If you are obsessed with watching YouTube, for example, you may find it very hard to put your mobile device down. There are things you can do to help though and these tips are meant to make breaking bad habits easier for you.

Replace The Habit

You need to replace your habit with something better and then over time, it will disappear from your life. If smoking is your problem you could replace each cigarette with one of the many quit smoking aids that are available. Tigers blood vape juice is a typical example of something that could help you quit but there are many more. There are nicotine patches and nicotine gum to mention a couple. There are forum and support groups and help from many other directions that all want to see you quit smoking.

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Motivate Yourself

To break any bad habit there has to be a reason and you need to identify what yours is. Try writing down the benefits of stopping biting your nails and you will soon realize that in just a few weeks you could have nails to be proud of. Think of all the spare time you could have to do other things if you did not spend so much time on social media or playing a game you have become obsessed with and how much your wellbeing will improve. There are always reasons to quit bad habits you just have to be aware of them or you will fail.

Plot Your Progress

Keep a record of what you are achieving and reward yourself for every small success. There is nothing wrong in treating yourself because you have not taken part in the bad habit for the last week. As you go longer, is you can see what progress you have made it will encourage you to carry on and kick the habit completely.

Never Give Up On Giving Up

Breaking your bad habit might not happen overnight. It can take a long while and you could have some relapses along the way. Never give up in giving up though, or all your efforts will have been in vain. If you have a bad day or two, put them behind you and start breaking your bad habit again.

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Get Help From Your Friends

You do not have to do this alone. There could well be others among your group of friends that have the same bad habit and would love to give up. Sometimes, it helps to have someone else experiencing the same as you are going through. You can talk and support each other through the worst of breaking the bad habit, and celebrate together each time you feel you have made a step forward.

Even if there is no one else you know with the same habit, your friends and family can be a great source of encouragement to see you to the end. Then one day you will look back in wonder that you have got rid of a bad habit and realize how much better off you are without it.


Breaking Bad Habits for Good

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