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If you look around the room of your office right now, the chances are high that everyone will look like a zombie. Day in day out you’ll go to work, click the same buttons, do the exact same job, and it does actually leave you brain dead.

By 1 o’clock in the afternoon, your brain stops functioning, and you go into full on zombie mode. But this is something that happens to everyone. So we’re here to try and find you some more brain engaging careers. One’s that won’t leave you watching the clock all day, or wondering why you’re even in work if you’re that bored! Read on to find out more.

Criminal Justice

This should spark an interest in a lot of you. Criminal justice is such a wide career path to follow that will definitely always keep your brain engaged. You’ll have new cases coming through all the time, and most of them will be something you haven’t seen before. You will need to of had some experience working in the criminal justice department before, or at least have qualifications heading towards that. For example, if you’re a police officer or training to be one, you could further your studies by taking a bachelor of science in criminal justice. Taking your education further helps to open doors for you that wouldn’t have been possible. Another degree you could consider taking would be a law one. This would allow you to go into the courts and determine what should happen to some of the most dangerous criminals.

Self Employed

Going self employed is one of the most liberating feelings their is. But actually going self employed is pretty hard. There’s a lot to consider, and weighing up your options can often leave you feeling as though it might not be possible. But this couldn’t be more wrong. As long as you find something you’re passionate about, for example writing, you can turn it into a career. The money might be tight in the beginning, but getting yourself off the ground and noticed by people is part of the reason why this career path is so brain engaging. You’ll always have to manage your own time and have to prioritise tasks. If you’re struggling for money in the short term, you might benefit from going part time to begin with, then progressing to full time as self employed.


A lot of people go for nursing or a doctor when they want to go into a career within medicine. But physiotherapy should be something you’d consider. It is a well paid job, and the mobility of the patients you’re seeing depends on your help. You’ll have such a depth of knowledge about the human body and how it work, it truly would be fascinating. You’ll see something new every day, and will have the choice to work in a range of different settings. You’ll need to be a problem solver for this job. Knowing exactly what exercises to do for what injury, and building a plan for your patient is something you’ll be doing daily.

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