BoyCoupon Drops Vibrant New Single OHWELL

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BoyCoupon duo William Morse and Herbie Brewton’s new single centers around taking an “OHWELL” approach to love. This state of mind bleeds into the production of the song itself as the two aren’t afraid to stray outside the lines of conventional music. Like many of their previous songs, this single seems to bend the barriers between genres to create a unique melody that listeners simply can’t help nodding and humming along to. 

The song starts out with an almost futuristic sounding synth beat that progresses into a slower, catchy bridge with vocals from William Morse. The combination of synth and drum beats build up towards the chorus where they form a captivating melody. The “OHWELL” at the end of the chorus not only serves as a turning point in the story with a change of mindset, but almost acts as an unleashing of synth beats and instruments, and eventually even a sampled anime rap verse. This ramping up of the song’s melody serves to make the listener feel exactly what the duo is attempting to convey, a release of constraints and a curious feeling of newfound freedom and perspective. 

This new single is very successful in expressing the duo’s intentions. The internal struggle of a failing love turned into a letting go of fear and disappointment is felt in the lyrics and especially in the beat itself. The combination of synth beats and a variety of instruments puts the listener right where BoyCoupon wants them and results in an unforgettable melody sure to leave an impression.


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