Boy In Space Takes the Music Scene by Storm with ‘Copium’ EP Release

Swedish pop sensation Boy In Space, also known as Robin Lundbäck, has taken the music world by storm with his infectious tunes and heartfelt lyrics. With over half a billion streams on Spotify alone, it's no wonder fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of his highly anticipated EP, Copium.

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Having already released three eclectic singles off of the EP – Atom Bomb, Finally Fine Without You and The Last Time – this 5-track offering finds the artist opening up about the personal struggles he has faced over the past few years. The time spent on creating this music proved to be a cathartic experience that provided an outlet during a difficult time.

Boy In Space: ”Coming from a time in my life with a lot of challenges and changes, working with ‘Copium’ really has been an important coping mechanism for me these last months and has given me a chance to get a lot of things off my chest, It’s a collection of songs I honestly can say I’m really proud of .”

The EP arrives after a tumultuous few years for Robin. In addition to undergoing three surgeries and facing physical health struggles, he has had to wrestle with the mental challenges that come with living with ADHD. The final two songs, Mayflowers and Somewhere Far Away, certainly reflect themes of mental health and self-improvement, but this project has also allowed Robin to explore his creative interests on a lighter note.

[Preview] Boy In Space - Mayflowers (Official Music Video)

Boy In Space: “Its been so much fun to dive into my interest in old school films in making the visuals for this EP. The people Ive worked with are crazy talented, both on the music and visual side of things. It really does feel like a perfect relaunch for me to get an outlet for my creativity and a springboard for where I want to go next. I would love it if ‘Copium could help others to cope with whatever they are going through like it has helped me.”

Boy In Space achieved international success at a remarkably young age. After embarking on a world tour with his brothers, he transitioned to launch his solo career in 2018, solidifying his position on the global music scene. His distinctive voice, whimsical writing style, and versatile productions quickly captivated the pop world, leading to an impressive tally of over half a billion streams on Spotify alone. All the while maintaining independence as an artist and touring extensively in the United States and Europe. He keeps on shining armed with a new team, a fresh visual identity and a wealth of new music. Collaborations include Alan Walker, The Struts, 1Mind, Toby Gadd, Pink Sweat$, Phoebe Ryan, Jordan Shaw, NOTD, Shy Martin, John Newman, Red Triangle, Nick Furlong, Rod Wave, Freddy Alexander, among others. 

With this brand new attitude and determination to put an imprint on today’s pop sound, the future looks bright for Boy In Space.

“…Robin demonstrates his vulnerability through poignant and introspective lyricism” – Wonderland

“…his ability to combine his own sonic stylings with his own idiosyncratic influences to create mind-blowingly brilliant pop music is unprecedented.” – Atwood Magazine

Album - Copium

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