Books vs. Audio vs. Video: What’s the Best Way to Learn?

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Are you thinking about learning something new in your own time and at your own pace? If you are, you might be wondering about how you can go about learning these things. It doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are so many tools out there to help you these days. Here are some of the main options discussed and dissected for your benefit.


Books have been around for a lot longer than anyone has been alive, and during that time, they have always been used for teaching and learning. That hasn’t changed. And you can still find a book that will teach you virtually everything you need to know. The major advantage books have over other forms of learning is that they offer depth. You can read at length and have every area and topic of a particular subject covered in a book. And the chance for images, graphs, charts and diagrams can help a lot too.

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Audiobooks and podcasts are still rising in popularity, and they have been for a long time now. This is mainly thanks to how busy our lives are. We don’t always have the option of sitting down with a physical book or even an e-book. If you are standing on the train on the way to work or driving your car, this is not an option. In those circumstances, learning from an audiobook is an ideal option. It can relay information to you and inform you, and you will not have to use your hands at all. So, if you need convenience, this is a good option. The downside is that there is no visual dimension at all.



Thanks to the rise in video sharing platforms, it has never been easier to make the most of video content and to make it part of a particular learning process. So, this is something that should definitely be taken seriously. The obvious benefit of learning something via videos is that you can see it being demonstrated with your own eyes. Many people watch videos when they want to learn how to carry out a repair on their car or to see how to fix an electrical item. So, if you want to learn something practically, videos could be best for you.

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Mixed Media Learning

For many people, the best way forward is via combining lots of different forms of learning. This is what many language learning courses will encourage people to do. By mixing the forms of learning up, more bases can be covered. It also makes it easier to cement different concepts and ideas into the learner’s mind because they are being inputted in a variety of different ways. AJ Hoge’s Effortless English uses various types of learning. And this is not uncommon. It produces results and can even speed up the overall learning process as well.

There doesn’t need to be one way to learn. But depending on your needs, there is a solution out there for you as you embark on your solo learning journey. Modern technology and the proliferation of options place the key decisions in your hands.

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